Luc Besson’s ‘Taken’ Prequel Has Arrived at NBC

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Luc Besson’s ‘Taken’ Prequel Has Arrived at NBC

When “Taken” first premiered in 2008, little did audiences, critics, and the movie makers themselves, know that they had given birth to a brand new franchise, which, today, has already spanned three movies. However, according to recent reports the “Taken” film franchise will now be taken towards the small screen with a little twist. Read on to learn more about the plans for the “Taken” based television series.

According to Deadline, NBC, who is now known for procedurals such as the “Law & Order” franchise, “The Blacklist,” and the “Chicago” trio of shows, has just ordered Luc Besson’s planned “Taken” based series, to be “straight to series.”

The series, which was being developed by “Taken” producer and writer Luc Besson, will chronicle the young Bryan Mills, who was portrayed by Liam Neeson in the original trilogy. It will show how he acquired the skills that he had in the movies, which allowed him to accomplish extra ordinary things, such as singlehandedly avoid the authorities, rescue his daughter from a slave ring, and many more almost impossible feats.


This pays direct homage to a line in the film where Mills explained to one of his suspects that he had gotten to learn many different skills thanks to the experiences that he had prior to the films.

As the series will feature a younger Mills, he will not yet have a family, as seen in the films.

However, the main question that will be raised will be the time line between the series and the films, as it has been reported that the actual series will take place in the present day.

Besson will serve as one of the executive producers of the series, along with Universal TV and Europa Corp TV, who has partnered up with NBC before.

Would you watch this “Taken” prequel series? Who do you think would be good to portray a younger version of Bryan Mills? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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