Lucid Dream Starring Park Yoochun – Release Date Revealed!

By Chan Lasan | 2 years ago
Lucid Dream Starring Park Yoochun – Release Date Revealed!
Park Yoochun

Lucid Dream is the forthcoming fantasy thriller film of Park Yoochun set to be released on Jan. 4, 2017. Finally, more details have been revealed!

The upcoming movie of Park Yoochun is directed by Kim Joon Sung. On the other hand, Road Pictures is set to produce Lucid Dream. The staff of the film revealed that the suppose plan was to release it this fall; however, the movie needed to be pushed back in their January line-up.

As expected, it was because of the sexual assault issue the actor has been involved with back in June. Reports claimed that NEW Company and the production have discussed lots of things regarding the release date.

According to Soompi, the staff added, “We were preparing for a fall release, but we were thrown off track by the scandal.”

Since Park Yoochun portrays a significant role in Lucid Dream, the production company had to wait the ultimate decision for the controversy before finalizing the film’s release. Besides, they still believe that the 30-year-old actor cannot be edited out of the film.

Moreover, Lucid Dream was reportedly filmed last April. It was Yoochun’s final project before being enlisted into the military. NEW is the distribution and investment company set to distribute the film. The said company is also the one that supported KBS drama Descendants of the Sun.

Avid followers of the Rooftop Prince were very much delighted with this news. They believe that Yoochun deserves not to be edited out. After all, previous reports revealed that sexual assault case found him not guilty.

In addition, the movie centers on the life of a man who looks for his lost son. He has been doing it for the past three years through his lucid dream. Furthermore, other stars also include Sol Kyung Gu, Go Soo; Park In Hwan, Kang Hye Jung and Chun Ho Jin.

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