Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5: A New Angel Threatens to Kill Chloe

By Tanya D. | 1 year ago
Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5: A New Angel Threatens to Kill Chloe
Lucifer Season 2

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5 brings the Angel Uriel on Earth to confront Amenadiel about his powers. He also threatens to kill Chloe.

The synopsis for Episode 5, titled Weaponizer, teases a tense encounter between Lucifer and Uriel. He tells the devil that he is on a mission to take Chloe. Fans may remember that she was supposed to die in the Season 1 Finale. However, Lucifer exchanged his life for the detective to live.

Now, it is Chloe’s time to die. The promo video for Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5 shows Chloe wounded and bleeding after a collision. Apparently, Uriel is behind the car accident. Thankfully, the detective survived.

However, Uriel is not giving up. He tells the devil he is back to finish what he started. This made Chloe wonder why Lucifer is so concerned over her well-being. After all, he only wants her to be safe from what Uriel plans to do next.

Likewise, Uriel (Michael Imperioli) is not only after Amenadiel and Chloe. He is also on Earth possibly to talk Lucifer into bringing Charlotte back to Hell.

However, the brothers do not seem to see eye-to-eye when it comes to the welfare of the two women. According to the synopsis for Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5, Lucifer and Uriel eventually fight over Chloe and Charlotte.

As for Amenadiel, Uriel is also on Earth to interrogate his brother about his powers. In the biblical mythology, the angel is known as the bringer of wisdom. He shines the truth amid the confusion. This means God probably sent Uriel to help Amenadiel deal with the loss of his powers. The past episodes showed Amenadiel at a loss, when he realized his powers have weakened. Only this time, he has completely lost them.

According to TV Guide, in Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5, Uriel forces Amenadiel to tell the truth that he lost his powers. Will Amenadiel tell Lucifer the truth too? Will Lucifer be able to protect Chloe and save her life again?

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