Lucifer Season 2, Episode 5: Will Lucifer Let Chloe Die Or Allow Charlotte Back In Hell?

By Tanya D. | 1 year ago
Lucifer Season 2, Episode 5: Will Lucifer Let Chloe Die Or Allow Charlotte Back In Hell?

Lucifer Season 2, episode 5 will test if the devil is true to his word when lives are at risk. Chloe is in danger after Lucifer failed to keep his end of the bargain with his father. Will he allow Charlotte back to Hell or keep his promise that she can stay on Earth?

In the Season 1 climax, viewers saw Lucifer bargained his life in exchange for Chloe’s survival. God granted his request in one condition. In exchange for Chloe’s life, he needs to bring his mother back to Hell.

Flash forward to Lucifer Season 2, episode 4, Amenadiel had to remind his brother about the trade. Apparently, amid all the crime solving and partying, the devil forgot his deal with his father. Now, God wants what is due to him. If Lucifer cannot keep the end of his bargain, then he might put Chloe’s life at risk. The cliffhanger in episode 4 hinted someone wants the detective dead.

However, Lucifer also made a promise with his mother. He told Charlotte she can stay on Earth with the humans as punishment for escaping Hell. Lucifer is not supposed to be making this decision. After all, he did make a deal with his father to bring her back to Hell.

The devil must make a difficult decision especially when God sends one of his angels on Earth to close the deal. A preview for Lucifer Season 2, episode 5 shows Uriel warning Lucifer about the danger Chloe faces. She could die if he does not bring Charlotte back to Hell.

Who will Lucifer save in Lucifer Season 2, episode 5 titled Weaponizer? Would it be Chloe or Charlotte? The latter already volunteered to go back to Hell, so perhaps she can help Lucifer decide. However, Charlotte despises humans, so she might not willingly go this time if her decision means saving a mortal.

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