A Lucky Angelina Jolie Fan Can Now Have Her Childhood Home For The Right Price?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
A Lucky Angelina Jolie Fan Can Now Have Her Childhood Home For The Right Price?
A Lucky Angelina Jolie Fan Can Now Have Her Childhood Home For The Right Price

Who in the Hollywood world right now doesn’t know Angelina Jolie? This blockbuster queen and fashion icon is such a beloved figure. If she would put up an auction or a garage sale for her items, both methods will sell like hotcakes. So What if her childhood home will be up for sale!?

According to US Magazine, the property where she spent her formative and developing years is now for sale! How much does it cost? Well, just approximately $2M. Of course for some, this is such a huge amount but for wealthy die-hard fans of the actress, it could be the biggest and unique ‘memorabilia’ they can have from her.

The real estate is located at Rockland County, New York. It is a four-bedroom, two-storey residence which is about 20 miles away from the heart of the Big Apple. The whole property measures 4000 ft2 and was built six decades ago. Its stunning interior design includes the wood flooring, skylights, brick decorations, and fireplace.


Eugene Kohn, an expert flipper, is the last buyer of the property. He bought it at $1.2M and completed a renovation for it. In an interview to Wall Street Journal, he said, “My style is to simplify and restore to the original condition.”

On a report by People, the house was owned before by Jolie’s mother way back in the 1980’s. She was born in L.A., California but their family has to move to their home in Rockland County after her parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand went on separate ways. Later years, she attended the elementary school in Snedens Landing.

For sure, it won’t take long before this real property will be sold. The current owner might also have a hard time in choosing the next buyer as many would definitely express interest in purchasing it. That’s just how influential and adored Angelina Jolie is.

Photo Source: Angelina Jolie/Instagram

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