Lucky Rocket Challenge by Minecraft [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
Lucky Rocket Challenge by Minecraft [WATCH VIDEO]
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There is another solo challenge at Dr. Trayaurus’ Challenge Colosseum —to get to the top of the rocket, which is made up of pink lucky blocks, and claim the prize. The video below is all about a new upgrade in a game.

At the beginning of the video, we see Dr. Trayaurus’ explaining the new challenge, which is to get to the top of the rocket by breaking the pink lucky blocks. Before the game starts, we get five “very lucky blocks” with some surprises.

The first lucky block has a weapon, the second one has name tags to name our enemies, the third one has an enchanting table, the fourth one has many red stones and the fifth one has a paulyaulk hoe. So once you have received your gifts from the lucky blocks, you can store some of the things which can come in handy later on.

Now the goal is to make it out alive until the end of the game. If you die, it wouldn’t stop the challenge, but it doesn’t look good to die so early. We can start by breaking the pink blocks. However, be careful. Pink blocks  can give you bad things too.

Moreover, you will also encounter spiders in the game. Kill the spiders before it harm you. Dave hits the spider with a pie from the pink blocks, and the pie sets the spider on fire. He breaks some more blocks, and there comes out some elder men whom we need to kill. So, he hits them with the pie again.

Continue the process of breaking the blocks to keep getting surprises. You can climb the blocks too. We keep collecting the weapons that we need then dispose them afterwards.

Watch the video below:

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There you have it for the new Lucky Rocket challenge by Minecraft. For more entertainment features, follows Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Marco Verch



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