Lucy: Film Synopsis and Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Lucy: Film Synopsis and Review [WATCH VIDEO]

The movie that splays out what it means to gain access to more than 10 percent of your brain’s capacity, “Lucy” is an action, sci-fi film backed with intense visuals. It stars Scarlett JohanssonMorgan Freeman, Min-Sik Choi, Amr Waked and Pilou Asbæk. The movie is under the creative direction and screenplay of Luc Besson. Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) “Lucy” synopsis and review.

“Lucy” Synopsis:

The story starts off with Lucy (Johansson), a rowdy American student living in Taiwan. Living in a rather sketchy life in the Asian soil, she was coerced by her boyfriend Richard (Asbæk) to deliver a package to a high-class business man named Mr. Jang (Min-Sik Choi). However, on her way to the luxury building of the businessman, she realized that this was no ordinary businessman. He was actually a morbid gangster who violently turned her into a drug mule. In the course of the transfer, she was bruised and beaten down by Mr. Jang’s sadistic minions that caused an opening on the pouch that was implanted within her system. The pouch contained very powerful blue crystal drugs that were exposed within her body. This triggered the gradual control of the other quadrants of her brain. Lucy began to experience the world in a different light and as a new person. She gained access to the high percentage of her brain’s capacity,  allowing her to alter not only every piece of her biological make up but also the surrounding matters. She basically transformed into a superhuman being. With that, she began to seek further explanation to what was happening to her from Professor Norman (Freeman). As she raced to Paris, she became the main target of Mr. Jang and all of his subordinates, making it a triangle of who gets to what first. Through the course of the ultimate race, she met her sidekick in the person of an honest French cop named Pierre (Waked).  It was then clear that Lucy was becoming into something more evolutionary and less human.

“Lucy” Review:

If the trailer alone was not enough to get you hooked into the movie, then after going through the motions of watching it, you would realize that this more action-packed version of “Limitless” was a definite visual catch.

Luc Besson did a splendid job in putting up all the cinematic pieces together to make a film that will stand out from the average ones that you come across to in the theaters these days. On the review of News OK, Besson mashed up the elements of three of his previous films and incorporated them all for the creation of “Lucy.” He used the colorful hues and femme fatale savior concept of “The Fifth Element,” added the heart-racing car chases, shootouts and crashes of “Transporter” and adapted the sci-fi musings of “The Matrix” to put together a 90-minute film of pure and uninterrupted action.

The acting of Scarlett Johansson certainly brought out the bad-ass effect into the big screen with how she transformed from the beaten up damsel to the ultimate superhuman version of “Avenger’s” Black Widow. She was definitely able to portray the notion that sexy women are not just for show, but they have the full on capability to whoop some serious butts.

However, just like any other intelligence-focused film, the logic of the storyline will seem to leave you in quite disarray because of its inconsistent logical sequence.  But fear not, you will not be able to experience this in the duration of the film because you will be too absorbed with its fast-paced unveiling of each sequence.

According to Wall Street Journal’s take on the film, during the apex of Lucy’s powers, she was left with a futile cause of watching her capabilities swallow her entire being. The same goes for the film. There will always come a time when the inconsistency of the main logic fails to meet the reason that everybody seeks.

Nonetheless, the movie “Lucy” will not fail to entertain you with its immensely audacious, visually outrageous, often comical, and surprisingly concise mise-en-scène of a cinematic medium, making the film into a very much worthy film to watch in the big screen.

That’s it for the synopsis and review of the sci-fi, action film “Lucy.” Continue to browse over Movie News Guide (MNG) for the latest happenings in the entertainment circle.

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