Luke Ridnour Gets Off the Trade Merry Go Round: Sitting Out 2015-16 NBA Season

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
Luke Ridnour Gets Off the Trade Merry Go Round: Sitting Out 2015-16 NBA Season
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Luke Ridnour has been traded so often, who is probably looking to take the season off. If rumors are to be believed, Ridnour has been denied a contract yet again and he is going to be sitting out the whole of 2015-2016 NBA season. Read on.

The bleacher report website doesn’t show much confidence in Ridnour for the next season. The website reports that he averaged around 4.0 points and an assist rate of 2.0 last year. He had a rating of 10.0 in the player efficiency domain. The statistics came via None of the statistics are sterling and Ridnour is probably on his way out as far as NBA rankings are concerned.

Readers probably already know that Ridnour plays point guard and there are plenty of really talented point guards available on the NBA draft this year. The teams will obviously go for younger players while Ridnour is already 34. There’s not much sense in hiring a veteran basketball player in his thirties. Chances are his physical strength might give way soon. Everybody knows that Sports is the domain of the young. And only the young excel at sports like basketball. Ridnour might as well give up now.

Ridnour was only going strong in the game because he came pretty cheap. The 2.75 million dollar contract was desirable for teams looking to cut back on the expenses. But now that the NBA league is loaded with players who are a lot better at what he does, he can’t find buyers for his skill set.

His last stop on the trade rigmarole was the Toronto Raptors who also failed him by not finalizing his contract. The real problem was that he only played 14.5 minutes per game, and this obviously looks bad on the roster of any team. If he wants to bounce back, he will have to be more active in the court.

Yahoo News reported the news.

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