Macaulay Culkin of ‘Home Alone’ Plays Kevin McCallister Again But In A Web Series [Watch]

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Macaulay Culkin of ‘Home Alone’ Plays Kevin McCallister Again But In A Web Series [Watch]
Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin who played the role of Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone” has lately starred in a web series: “DRYVRS”, which shows McCallister as a grown up. The first episode shows McCallister as a driver.

Children and adults love watching the “Home Alone” movies alike during holiday time. And Culkin’s Kevin McCallister makes viewers chuckle, giggle and laugh hard. The 8-year-old kid in the 1990’s movie fights bandits and explores his home in the absence of his family, and it’s just hilarious.

Now Macaulay Culkin is a 35-year-old and was lately casted in a caricature video of “DRYVRS”, reports The Bit Bag. He takes the opportunity to explore a bevy of experiences that the character, Kevin McCallister would have had later in life.


The first episode of “DRYVRS” is highly entertaining. Culkin’s Kevin is a taxi driver and works for an organization. He is seen smoking and telling something about his horrible childhood to his first customer. During the conversation he happens to reveal that he cannot drive.

News reports said he tells to the same passenger who is now in a state of shock, “It’s fucking Christmas, and your whole family goes on a vacation and they forget their eight-year-old fucking son.”

He also reveals during the conversation that when he was a just a kid, he was left all alone in the home during Christmas for seven days. This of course is about “Home Alone”. He also mentions that he has to save the home from two psychopaths who wanted to raid it. He discloses that it has been so many years but he still gets nightmares. In his nightmares he sees the bald-headed goon.


During this episode of “DRYVRS”, viewers also see that a person tries to inflict harm on Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister. But McCallistergets into a dark mood and tells to carjacker that he has made a wrong choice by picking up this very car.

The show might seem weird but the social media experiment seems to be interesting. It passes the message clear that if parents leave their kids alone at home during Xmas time, then they might behave like crazy people.

Photo Source: Macaulay Culkin/Instagram

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