Macaulay Culkin Is Very Much Alive: Addressed Hoax on Social Media [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Macaulay Culkin Is Very Much Alive: Addressed Hoax on Social Media [WATCH VIDEO]
Macaulay Culkin at the Governor’s Ball after the Emmy Awards, 8/25/91/Carniolus

Macaulay Carson Culkin, best known for his role as Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone” and sequel “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” is very much alive. The American actor and musician took to social media to address the issue after his death story spread over the weekend. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

According to Snopes, a bogus Facebook memorial page was set up on Nov. 6, 2014.  The hoaxers wrote on the counterfeit commemoration page 2014 claiming that Culkin had died.

"At about 11am ET on Friday (November 7, 2014), our beloved actor Macaulay Culkin passed away. Macaulay Culkin was born on August 26, 1980 in New York. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page," said in the Snopes report.

The page was taken down shortly after, but it had shocked myriads of fan and made them into thinking that the 34-year-old was dead.

Fortunately, this rumor was promptly rucksack by the star's representatives and Culkin himself. Culkin's representatives released a statement over the weekend to confirm that the “Home Alone” star was, in fact, still alive and doing great.

"He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax. He's still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the internet," said his representatives.

Culkin, who plays in a band called the Pizza Underground, has addressed the hoax in a more jocular mode and tweeted about death rumors.  A snap posted on the band's Instagram account shows a smiling Culkin, holding a bottle of soft drink, captioned: "We're on tour you silly people."

The band also posted a number of pictures to remind fans that Culkin is absolutely alive and on tour. A group photo of the band was captioned: "One of the great things you can do when you're alive is stop for lunch in Breaux Bridge, LA."​

Known for his roles in “Richie Rich,”  “Uncle Buck,” “My Girl,”  “The Pagemaster,” “The Good Son,” Party Monster” and the music video for Michael Jackson's "Black or White," Culkin is considered as the most successful child actor since Shirley Temple.

And that’s it for the Macaulay Culkin death hoax update. For more details your favorite celebrities, stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Check out the video below:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Flickr/Alan Light



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