Machine Zone’s ‘Game of War’: World’s Top Grossing Title; The ‘Terminator’ Is Promoting The Game

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
Machine Zone’s ‘Game of War’: World’s Top Grossing Title; The ‘Terminator’ Is Promoting The Game

Machine Zone’s the “Game of War: Fire Age”, the grand, fantasy- strategy mobile game has been the top grossing game title in the world.

The current enigmatic new game, Mobile Strike, went live and being promoted. “Terminator” man, actor Arnold  Schwarzenegger is  the face promoting the game, after it went available on Google Play, iOS and  Amazon. Epic war is a field of Machine Zone that owns the trademark Mobile Strike, Gamasutra reported.


According to GamesBeat, Machine Zone has since verified that Epic War is its new studio and is somewhat less interested in putting its brand on Mobile Strike.  But mainly dedicated to working and maintaining its new free-to-play mobile game Mobile Strike.

The truth of the matter is, Machine Zone is set to launch a second mobile F2P multiplayer military game. It’s unclear how long the studio has been operating or how large it is though Mobile Strike has been available in select territories for some time. It was only this week saw a global launch, which the first Machine Zone game to see a global launch since “Game of War” as reported by Venture Beat.


Gabe Leydon, co-founder and CEO, Machine Zone, confirmed about the company having employed 550 employees from the previous 95 people just before the launching of the “Game of War.” It included adding 200 people in L.A assigned mainly to deal with customer service.

According to Gamasutra,  Leydon’s team have made a text structure, created translation layers  people around the world can join in the alliances regardless of cultural and language orientations, and  designed a multifaceted strategy game enticing  enough so avid gamers would come back over and over again.  

Not to mention, the company was fully focused on keeping the “Game of War” to run nonstop and constantly updated. At some point, it has gone through a 10-hour maintenance break which resulted to high players boycott. The message was clear, players wanted developments on its real-time actions and bug fixes.

So farm, Machine Zone has been good in keeping the game operating for the “Game of War” gamers. The game is free and players can spend an unlimited amount on online products. Players can spend money especially to stay on top rank globally and increase competitively for their global advancement.

Photo Source: Facebook/Machine Zone

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