Mack Bolan Gets Another Shot for the Big Screen

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Mack Bolan Gets Another Shot for the Big Screen

Several Hollywood A-list and award-wining actors have portrayed the role of “The Executioner” in 40 years. Now, the elite anti-terrorist operative Mack Bolan gets  another shot at the big screen. Read on to learn more about the scoop.

With over-900 volume novel series launched by Don Pendleton in 1969, the character was previously played by Steve McQueen, Sly Stallone, Clint Eastwood and Vin Diesel. According to Deadline, writer Shane Salerno (“Avatar“) was tapped to develop it for a feature film series. It was also reported that there was also the signing of  a dealership with the author’s estate and Gold Eagle Books.

Mack Bolan, alias “The Executioner,” is a fictional character who has been serialized in over 600 novels with more than 200 million worth of sales revenue. Created by Don Pendleton, Bolan made his first appearance on the printed page in 1969’s War Against the Mafia. Pendleton wrote thirty-seven other novels featuring Bolan, often referred to as the “Mafia Wars.”

By 1980, Pendleton sold his rights to the character to Gold Eagle who hired a number of ghostwriters to continue publishing Bolan monthly to satisfy reader demand worldwide with Pendleton still credited as the sole author. Pendleton supervised these new adventures which took the Bolan character all over the world fighting terrorism. The demand for the books continued and Gold Eagle began releasing as many as 15 titles annually.

Bolan was “spun off” into several new adventure book series which also carried the Mack Bolan/Don Pendleton names and sold remarkably well. As of 2009, there are more than a dozen Mack Bolan novels published every year worldwide by Gold Eagle Books, a division of Harlequin Books.

Pendleton’s other literary works include “Joe Copp, Private Eye” series with six novels, the “Ashton Ford, Psychic Detective” series with six novels. He collaborated on several books with his wife, Linda Pendleton, including their popular nonfiction book, “To Dance With Angels.”

Bolan will be produced and written by Salerno who’s currently co-writing with James Cameron for the “Avatar” sequel. Salerno promised to make the film “relevant, grounded and gritty, real-world PG-13 action-drama film series.”

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