‘Mad Max: Fury Road 2’ Plot: Furiosa Gets Spinoff Film; Charlize Theron To Reprise Role?

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
‘Mad Max: Fury Road 2’ Plot: Furiosa Gets Spinoff Film; Charlize Theron To Reprise Role?

Speculations are circulating online that “Mad Max: Fury Road’s” Furiosa is getting her own spinoff film.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” was a huge success this summer, both critically and commercially and was the most well received out of George Miller’s much beloved franchisee. It earned a good enough $370 million worldwide and was declared a blockbuster.

Such reception has inspired Miller to keep working on the post-apocalyptic storyline and he has already announced plans for a sequel titled Wasteland. Although Deadline suggests that it’s not the only film we will see in the “Mad Max” universe. Charlize Theron’s character Furiosa was well received by the fans and critics and she has garnered a fan base of her own. This is why we are expecting a spinoff of Furiosa to follow “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Mike Fleming has fired up the suspicions by claiming, “…a “Mad Max: Fury Road sequel or a spinoff focusing on Charlize Theron’s Furiosa character (which is being discussed) is inevitable if George Miller wants to make one.”

Because of the box office success Warner would always give a go for a sequel to “Fury Road” but a Furiosa spinoff can be a little trick. Many critics claimed Furiosa was the real reason why the film was such a massive success because her gritty character and Theron’s acting kind of stole the thunder of Mad Max, played by equally talented actor Mad Max. Producer’s decision to have a female centered cast up front also earned a lot of praise by fans and plaudits.

According to Whatculture.com, the real task would be to get back Theron to play the role. She didn’t have a great relationship with co-star Tom Hardy on set and was pretty vocal about the difficulties faced in the production. But if the fans really woo her to return to the film, she might give in.

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