Mad Men Spoilers: Season 7 Episode 6 The Strategy Airs on May 18, 2014, Don Got His Groove Back [WATCH VIDEO]

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Mad Men Spoilers: Season 7 Episode 6 The Strategy Airs on May 18, 2014, Don Got His Groove Back [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Mad Men” Season 7 Episode 6 “The Strategy” is set to be aired on Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on AMC. Read on to learn more about MNG’s “Mad Men” Spoilers for Season 7 Episode 6 “The Strategy” and a brief recap of “Mad Men” Season 7 Episode 5 “The Runaways.”

“Mad Men” Season 7 Episode 5 “The Runaways” Episode Recap:

“Mad Men” Season 7 Episode 5 “The Runaways” (air date: May 11, 2014) focused on the struggles of several “Mad Men” characters, including how they handle power, relationships and even technological advancement.

Colleagues of Don Draper (Jon Hamm) had enough of his attitude and drinking antics that they forced him to be “on leave” in the beginning of “Mad Men” Season 7. Don was temporarily ticked off the SC & P pedestal until he was taken back in “Mad Men” Season 7 Episode 3 “Field Trip” (air date: April 27, 2014). Some of his former co-workers even planned on letting him go by acquiring a huge advertising pitch. In “The Runaways,” he had won the executives with his wits and skills despite having a disagreement with them in the past.

Megan (Jessica Paré ) had suffered from the aftermath of her temporary break-up from Don. She tried to get his attention through several attempts including dancing with another man and joining him in a threesome with her friend Amy. Megan also got scared about the possibility that the pregnant niece of Don’s ex-wife may endanger their relationship, so she gave her money to leave.

Don’s ex wife Betty (January Jones) hasn’t been experiencing happy moments with her new family lately. Betty had a rift with Henry (Christopher Stanley) over their differences. Sally (Kiernan Shipka) had a heated argument with her over her “nose job.” Bobby witnessed all of these and thought that his parents were getting divorced.

Meanwhile, Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman) was not happy with the newly-arrived computers. He thought that it affected his other colleagues, but it seemed that it’s all in his mind. Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) tried to help him and learned about his affections for her. Unfortunately, Ginsberg had a shocking breakdown due to the recent events.

WARNING! “Mad Men” Spoilers Ahead! Read only if you want to know more about the upcoming “Mad Men” Season 7 Episode 6 “The Strategy.”

According to the official synopsis posted on the AMC Web site, Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) went on full research mode for a new pitch. It seemed that she has taken a breather after witnessing Ginsberg’s recent breakdown. In “The Monolith,” she had been given the Burger Chef pitch to work with Don (Jon Hamm) and Mathis (Trevor Einhorn). It seemed that she wanted to redeem herself in the eyes of those who belittled her. Can she be successful in the end? Will her troubling past with Don affect their new-found collaboration?

Meanwhile, Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) was given an invitation to be a part of an exclusive club. What could it be? Pete was last seen on a date with his new girlfriend, Bonnie (Jessica Schram). He was also informed that his former father-in-law had suffered from a heart attack.

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks), on the other hand, has a free slot from her schedule to bond with a “friend.” Who could it be? Is the person from her past? Or, is it someone new?

“Mad Men” Season 7 Episode 6 “The Strategy” is set to air on May 18, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on AMC Network. It’s directed by Phil Abraham and writte by Semi Chellas.

And that’s it for our weekly “Mad Men” spoilers! Watch out for news about “Mad Men” Season 7 “Part I: The Beginning” including more recaps and spoilers, only here at Movie News Guide (MNG).

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