Mad Men Spoilers: Season 7 Mid-Season Finale Episode 7 Waterloo, Don’s Greatest Battle Yet [WATCH VIDEO]

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Mad Men Spoilers: Season 7 Mid-Season Finale Episode 7 Waterloo, Don’s Greatest Battle Yet [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Mad Men” Season 7 Mid-Season Finale Episode 7 “Waterloo” is set to be aired on Sunday, May 25, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on AMC. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) takes on his greatest battle yet regarding his relationships and work at Sterling Cooper & Partners. WARNING! “Mad Men” Spoilers Ahead! Read only if you want to know more about the upcoming  Season 7 Mid-Season Finale Episode 7 “Waterloo.”

It’s down to the mid-season finale of the seventh and final season of AMC’s “Mad Men.” The show’s only halfway before we finally say adieu to our beloved “Mad Men” characters since its premiere in 2007.

Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, had previously said that “Mad Men” Season 7 took the same path that “Breaking Bad” did for their season finale. The first part of “Mad Men” Season 7 finale will air from April 13, 2014 until May 25, 2014 while the last seven episodes premiere in 2015.

The upcoming “Mad Men” Season 7 Episode 7 is entitled “Waterloo.” According to the Merriam-Webster Online, “waterloo” refers to “a decisive or final defeat or setback.” It also refers to the place where Napoleon and his French army had finally been defeated by the combined forces of the British and other European countries.

With this information, it’s easy to assume that Don Draper or his entire gang at the Sterling Cooper & Partners will take on a battle. But, with Weiner on board as the episode’s director and co-writer with Carly Wray,we are indeed in for a surprising mid-season finale.

Following the events that happened in “Mad Men” Season 7 Episode 6 “The Strategy,” TV Guide had posted about the official synopsis of “Mad Mem Season 7 Mid-Season Finale Episode 7 “Waterloo.”

Trouble is a friend. Don will get a letter that will cause him to worry. What could it be about? With Don’s complicated life, we just don’t know for sure.

The women in Don’s life. It seemed that he and Megan(Jessica Paré) is on the verge of breaking up for good. Their bi-coastal differences might have contributed to Don’s possible second failed marriage. On the other hand, Don has finally repaired his relationship with Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss). In “Strategy,” they had danced the night away along Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Risky Business. After getting good feedback on the Burger Chef pitch, Peggy will be given a proposition that may turn her career around. Who was it from? Let’s cross off Ted Chaough (Kevin Rahm) and Lou Avery (Allan Havey), who were obviously fans of her. Will she leave SC&P for good, especially now that she had made truce with Don?

Pete’s bout with Cutler. Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) had set his differences with Don and Peggy while working on Burger Chef. Now, he will be on conflict with Jim Cutler. Is it about Don? Recently, Cutler is one of those who weren’t happy about Don’s comeback at the office.

A call for Mr. Sterling. Roger Sterling will receive unexpected news via phone call. What could it be about? Bob Benson’s return came with the ill news about losing Chevy while Jim Hobart continued to pester him about Don and the Phillip Morris account. Or maybe, it is about Joan or his family?

In an interview with HuffPost Live, John Slattery shared that the “Mad Men” series finale may not end on how the audience wants it to. He knew that the audience wanted his character Roger Sterling to end up with Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks), but Weiner is not interested in it.

“It isn’t to say he’s not going to give the audience what they want, but it’s much more interesting to expect one thing and get the other,” Slattery told Caitlyn Becker in the HuffPost TV article.

Moreover, he said that he and his fellow cast members had stopped second-guessing. Suffice to say that they had remained faithful to Weiner’s vision.

And that’s it for the “Mad Men” Spoilers: Season 7 Mid-Season Finale Episode 7 “Waterloo” Is this Don’s greatest battle yet? Watch out for news about “Mad Men” Season 7 including more recaps and spoilers, as well as other entertainment news, only here at Movie News Guide (MNG).

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