Madagascar 3 and Prometheus Earn Big at the Box Office

By admin | 6 years ago

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted earned around $60.4 million. Prometheus got $50 million. The two movies gave the summer’s domestic box office the much needed boost. It made the totals of about 30 percent more than the same period last year. Madagascar 3 and Prometheus

International box office also got impressive results with four movies earning more than $20 million each. Madagascar 3 got around $136 million across the globe. In the past two weeks, Prometheus got $140 million internationally.

The two movies have been close since Friday but Madagascar 3 from Dream Works Animation and Paramount pulled ahead last Sunday. This might be due to the large number of families who went to watch the animated feature.

Around the same time last year, Super 8 dominated the domestic box office with $35 million. Madagascar 3 and Prometheus positioned themselves solidly in the domestic market before other summer flicks are released. Some of the upcoming movies that are expected to be contenders in the box office are The Amazing Spider-Man, Brave and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Snow White and the Huntsman earned $23 million, which is a drop of 59 percent compared to its opening weekend. Men in Black 3 got $13.5 million in its third week, which is down from 52 percent. Snow White and the Huntsman got $98 million in the United States while MIB 3 got $135 million.

Weekend to weekend earnings do not drop drastically because of mid-week business. They might lose earnings during the weekend because of new releases but they can recover the losses during the mid-week.

Focus Features expanded its Moonrise Kingdom to 96 locations in the United States. It earned $1.6 million to get a spot in the top ten. Indie flick Safety Not Guaranteed got a per screen average of $11,000. Fox Searchlight’s Lola Versus got a per screen average of $8,524 from four locations.

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