Madam Secretary Recap: Collateral Damage

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Madam Secretary Recap: Collateral Damage
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Madam Secretary” Season 1 Episode 10 “Collateral Damage” aired on Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the foreign service officers were reassigned to different postings and got acquainted with the food of their new postings, and on the day when the Iraqi delegation forming a collation against the threat of the Islamic State or ISIS, happened at the State Department, a lone gunman caused the building to be on lockdown which caused everyone to be locked in. Secretary Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) and Jay Whitman (Sebastian Arcelus) were locked in with the Iraqi delegation, and a translator who threatened to expose Elizabeth’s “secret past” in Iraq. Matt Mahoney (Geoff Arend) was locked in with Daisy Grant’s (Patina Miller) fiancé, Win Barrington (Sam Daly); Chief of Staff Nadine Tolliver (Bebe Neuwirth) was stuck with a disgruntled foreign service officer; and Stevie McCord (Wallis Currie-Wood), who was locked in her mom’s office with Elizabeth’s personal assistant Blake Moran (Erich Bergen), was forced to deal with the horrifying truth about her mother’s past. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode started with several news announcers on the radio talking about the threat of the Islamic State or ISIS that was devastating Iraq. She announced that an Iraqi delegation, which had formed a coalition army against ISIS. They would be visiting Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) before heading to the White House to ask for help against the threat of ISIS.

In a car, a man named Marc Ferguson teared up and prayed before loading his gun with ammunition. Afterwards, he placed the gun in the back seat and covered it with a bag and jacket.

At the McCord home, Elizabeth’s thoughts were interrupted by her eldest daughter. Stevie McCord (Wallis Currie-Wood) asked her if she should be worried about the ISIS threat. Her mother did not answer her question and told her to wake up her father, Henry McCord (Tim Daly) as he had an early morning flight to catch. As Stevie walked away, she commented that Elizabeth always had her “walls up.” Because of this, she reassured Stevie that they do talk a lot, and commented that her top was cute but too casual for work.

At the State Department, Elizabeth’s Chief of Staff, Nadine Tolliver (Bebe Neuwirth) greeted her. She expressed that she was surprised that Elizabeth had been coming early to the office for five days in a row. She then told her that she knew that she was still investigating the late Secretary of State Vincent Marsh. She also offered her assistance as she knew almost everything about him. Elizabeth then peppered her with questions and her thoughts about Vincent changing his travel plans at the last minute. She told her that Vincent could have met up with those who could back him up for the election. Nadine was surprised to learn that Vincent had been planning to run. He had not told her that, and told her that she would not be able to help her out after all.

As the office day began, Elizabeth’s speech writer, Matt Mahoney (Geoff Arend), brought Elizabeth’s personal aide, Blake Moran (Erich Bergen) with him to the “protocol breakfast” of the foreign service officers, in order to get free Chinese pork dumplings. That was the day that the officers learned the proper protocol regarding the food that they would be encountering in their new postings. Blake then left both Daisy Grant (Patina Miller) and Matt together after she revealed that her fiancé, Win Barrington (Sam Daly) was there, and wanted to talk to him. She also told him that he did not know that they had hooked up before.

At Elizabeth’s office, she discussed with her foreign policy officer, Jay Whitman (Sebastian Arcelus), about the placement of each member of the Iraqi delegation- Prime Minister Omar Arif (Ramsey Faragallah), Minister of Defense Hasan (Alok Tewari) and Minister of Oil Barakar (Anthony Azizi), during their picture taking together. They both knew that all three did not get along with each other, but decided that Barakar should be at her left, the “second best position of power." Barakar was a Kurd and the Kurds had more fighting power against ISIS and were more pro-Western. Elizabeth then commented that she did know how they would form a “fully integrated army against ISIS” if they would not be able to get along for just a picture taking. However, Jay reminded her that both the picture, and the fact that they had travelled to the United States together was a good thing as it was a “sign of unity” . They were then interrupted by Stevie who told her mother that she had been right in saying that her shirt was “too casual." She then asked for some money to buy a new blouse, as her boss had sent her back home to change. Elizabeth then started to argue with Stevie after learning that she had “maxed out” her emergency credit card, but ended up giving her the money as the Iraqi delegation had arrived. After Blake closed the doors on Elizabeth and the delegation, he told Stevie that he could give her one of the “dressier blouses” that he kept for Elizabeth in her office.

At Matt and Daisy’s office, Matt was surprised when Win came up to him and told him that he had specifically come to the State Department that day for him.

After Blake had given Stevie a white blouse that she could change into, Nadine asked Blake if anyone had complained yet about their postings. It turned out that that week was the week where foreign officers were given their assignments and that some of them often complained about their postings. She then instructed him to send anyone who complained to her.

In the conference room, Elizabeth welcomed the delegation to the United States. The new Prime Minister of Iraq then thanked her and told her one day they would be able to welcome her to a “peaceful Iraq.” As they began to pose for their photo op, the Prime Minister’s translator (Shayan Shojaee) asked her if she had been to Iraq before, which she denied.

Elizabeth then remembered the time she had gone to Iraq while she was an analyst for the CIA. She had gone to a military base there as she had new intelligence regarding a known terrorist named Safeer al Jamil. She then told the person in charge that Langley wanted her to interrogate him first. It was done before they did when they brought him in based on her intelligence because she had been tracking him for around two years already.

Back in the present day, Diplomatic Security Head Agent Fred Cole then told everyone “to get away from the windows” and told Elizabeth that they were going to lock down the entire building as there was an armed gunman right outside the building. Before he made sure that Elizabeth was secure, he reassured her that Stevie was safe.

Back in the conference room, Elizabeth tried to make light of the situation by saying that they could get to know each other better, but this started an argument between the three leaders. She then interrupted them, and tried to make peace by offering them something to drink, and surprised the Prime Minister’s translator by speaking almost near perfect Arabic.

Meanwhile, in Elizabeth’s office, Stevie, who was arguing with her boss about the reason why she was going to be very late to go to work, was locked in with Blake. She then told him that if Elizabeth hadn’t argued with her then she would be at work by now, but Blake tried to help her look at the bright side- at least she wasn’t the gunman’s hostage. Elizabeth then came in and hugged Stevie. She was glad that she was safely inside her office and not outside. Blake then told her that he had informed their family of the situation and that they were okay. She then told Stevie to wait in her office and left.

Meanwhile, Matt, who was locked in with Win, was thrown off guard when Win asked him how much he loved Daisy. He then relaxed after he learned that Win was asking this so that he could compile a video present for Daisy’s upcoming birthday. As Matt was a little bit nervous about everything, Win decided to give him a piece of gum, and took one himself, in lieu of cigarettes since Matt had run out of them.

Jay then told Elizabeth that things were not going so well with the delegation. They had been arguing the entire time. As she got some coffee, the translator came up to her and told her that he knew that she had been to Iraq before.

Both of them then remembered the day in which Safeer al Jamil was arrested. She had been there, as he had been captured based on her intelligence, and he had been there as well as Safeer was his cousin. He then told her that that was the last time he had seen him alive. She then pulled him aside to her office on the pretense of him helping her out with the translation of a particular Arabic poem. She then told him that she would “hate to see his career end” because of a careless remark. She told him that she was “never in Iraq”, and did not know where or what had happened to Safeer.

She then remembered that she had tried to interrogate Safeer so that she would be able to learn when and where the “next truck bomb” would go off. She told him that she knew all about him, including the fact that he had a girlfriend in London.

Back in the present day, right after she told him never to “speak of this again,"they were interrupted by Stevie, who told her that he had just called up Henry.

Meanwhile, in Nadine’s office, where she was locked in with Alice Millevoi (J. Cameron-Smith). She complained that she had been reassigned to Angola instead of Portugal. Alice told Nadine that the only reason why she had reassigned to Angola. It was despite the fact that others were also qualified for the post was because she, unlike the others, was a single woman. She then told Nadine that she deserved the Portugal posting. Since Nadine refused to budge, she was resigned to taking up the post as the State Department was her life.

Meanwhile, in Elizabeth’s office, Stevie learned that Blake and Elizabeth talk about her. She then revealed that she did not like the fact that people look at her in a different light. She had dropped out of college, and believed that Elizabeth thought that she was a failure. However, Blake reassured her that Elizabeth often defended her.

Meanwhile, in Matt’s office, Matt became fairly emotional as he talked about Daisy for her surprise birthday message. They then both laughed after Matt realized that he was getting emotional. Win had given him gum made out of marijuana to calm him down. Afterwards, Win jokingly asked if Matt and Daisy had ever hooked up together. Matt then revealed that they had, and prepared himself to be hit by Win, who decided not to. Matt then concluded that Win had never had to fight for anything in his life. Matt knew that he would kill whoever had cheated on hm. Win told him that he would have the chance to do exactly that, as he decided to get out of both of their lives forever.

As soon as Elizabeth reentered the room, she discovered that everyone was at odds with each other. Yhe new Prime Minister’s first act was to arrest the former Minister of Oil, a Shiite, for corruption.  Elizabeth then pulled him into her office and told him that he had broken his word that there wouldn’t be “any reprisals” against the Shiites, as he was a Sunni. While he continued to protest, the translator threatened to tell Elizabeth’s daughter and the press about what she had done in Iraq unless she allowed the arrests to continue, and allowed the United States not to interfere. She also told him that the one who he should feel sorry for was his grandfather, Abdul, who had been killed by Saddam Hussein years back.

 Fred then revealed that the FBI were currently negotiating with Marc Ferguson, the gunman whose brother had died in in action in 2008. He  had come to protest the delegation. He believed that the delegation’s presence signaled the beginning of the US Army being once again put into action in the Middle East. Elizabeth then realized that everything was going awry as everyone had grievances against each other. It was time to take responsibility for things, starting with her own past actions.

She then revealed to Stevie what had happened in Iraq. She told her that she had asked the military to “step it up.” She was going nowhere after she failed in interrogating him after a truck bomb had caused the deaths of innocent Muslims. This meant that he would be physically and emotionally tortured, and told her that she knew that that was what would happen. Stevie had a hard time processing the truth, as she never knew this side about her mother. She was then interrupted by a phone call from her boss. Afterwards, Elizabeth told the translator that she did not care if he told the Prime Minister about what she had done before. Their policy in Iraq would not change and that they would support “the Kurds for statehood’ if they did not release the former oil minister and drop the charges against him. Fred then informed them that the lockdown had been lifted and that Marc Ferguson had been taken to the hospital.

As soon as the lockdown was lifted, Stevie rushed out. Before she left the building, Blake reassured her that she was okay. Stevie then told him that it was possible that despite the fact that they always felt that they were not good enough for Elizabeth, that they might be better than her.

Daisy went to Win and asked if he was alright. Matt then told Daisy that she deserved someone who would fight for her, unlike Win, who then left the building.

Back at the conference room, Jay told Elizabeth that the Prime Minister agreed to release the former oil minister and that everything was alright. Elizabeth then ordered him to make sure that the delegation went to the White House that very same evening. Afterwards, she apologized for being so arrogant in her opening remarks to them as she knew that they had grievances against each other. She told them that they should try to trust each other and work together to face the “inhumanity of terrorism”.

As soon as she got back to her office, Nadine told her about Alice. She asked her to reassign her to Portugal, which she did. Nadine then told her that Vincent had told her that he was going to leave after the end of his turn and that if he ran, that meant that she would have to disappear. She then gave her a letter which Vincent asked her to keep, which contained a bank account number.

Back at Matt’s office, he apologized to Daisy for breaking her and Win up. However, before she left, she kissed him after he told her that even at her worst, he was still crazily in love with her.

Back at home, after spending some time with Marc Ferguson at the hospital, she discovered that Stevie was getting ready to move out of the house. She could not deal with the fact that Elizabeth had told them that she was in Jordan, when she was really interrogating Safeer in Iraq. Elizabeth then told her that she had left the CIA because she gave into the “rage of justice." She told Stevie “everything is more complicated” than it actually was. That one knew that because of experience which was what “growing up” was all about. Stevie then told her that that’s exactly what she was going to do at that moment.

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