Madam Secretary Recap: The Necessary Art

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Madam Secretary Recap: The Necessary Art
Negotiating diplomacy for her country…and her family!

“Madam Secretary” Season 1 Episode 20 “The Necessary Art” aired last Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 8:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, Secretary of State Elizbaeth McCord (Tea Leoni) found herself in a difficult situation after a Russian nuclear submarine was discovered near Alaska while Dr. Henry McCord (Tim Daly) was giving a lecture in Moscow. Meanwhile, Stephanie “Stevie” McCord’s (Wallis Currie-Wood) personal life was pushed to the national spotlight after her sister posted a picture on Instagram that caused rumors to circulate once again in the media. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began inside the Russian submarine Yalta, where they were given surprising and specific orders to chart a course towards the United States.

At the McCord home, Secretary of State Elizbaeth McCord (Tea Leoni) helped her husband, Dr. Henry McCord (Tim Daly) pack before his trip to Russia, as he had been invited by the Russian Foreign Minister, Anton Gorev (Yorgo Constantine), to give a lecture on justified war in front of Russian military leaders.

Meanwhile, Stephanie “Stevie” McCord’s (Wallis Currie-Wood) got annoyed at her younger sister Alison McCord (Kathrine Herzer) after discovering that a picture that Alison had posted of them with Harrison Dalton (Jason Ralph), which quickly led the media to speculate whether the two were dating.

As soon as Elizabeth arrived at the office, she was told that she had to make an appearance at the retirement ceremony of Ezra Helsinger (Philip Baker Hall), who had served the State Department for sixty years, and was told to report to the situation room as a nuclear Russian submarine with stealth technology that could go undetected, had been located along the Alaskan coast, along with a fleet of other Russian vessels who were there doing war games. This quickly became a tricky situation as it was seen as retaliation that NATO was deploying troops to Latvia, which was near the Russian border, and as this could quickly escalate into another cold war. Things also became a little bit more complicated after Russia began to deny the submarine’s existence, and because the Russian President refused to talk to them. However, much to their surprise, the submarine remained visibly parked, and didn’t do anything. Dalton then ordered their fleet to begin to move in.

Meanwhile, at Moscow, just as Henry started his lecture, the Russian President, President Pavel Ostrov, came in, had a pictorial with him, and went out hunting grouse with Henry, instead of picking up the phone to talk with Elizabeth.

During their hunt, Ostrov told Henry to tell Elizabeth and President Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine), that they Russians were not scared at all of whatever the United States would do, and wanted them to call off the NATO troops that were being deployed in Latvia. Afterwards, Henry was invited to go on a tour of Orthodox Monasteries, which he decided to go to. Henry then reassured Elizabeth that he was alright, and told her that he would be on his guard as it was no coincidence that he had been invited there during the wargames.

Inside the situation room, after the submarine didn’t respond to the American fleets, Dalton decided to give them two hours to get out.

Meanwhile, Daisy Grant (Patina Miller) handled Stevie’s situation, and advised her to break up with Arthur Gilroy (Josh Hamilton) as the entire Microloan Program would be at risk if Stevie and Arthur were found out.

After the retirement ceremony of Ezra Helsinger, Elizabeth discovered that he had good insights about the situation, and realized that something had gone wrong with the submarine, because if Ostrov were grandstanding, then Ostrov would have bragged about it to the media.

The USS Kirkland, as per procedure, dropped charges, which caused the Yalta to launch a torpedo at them. Elizabeth then suggested that they try to make contact one more time, which led them to discover that the Yalta was under distress, and were asking for help. Thanks to Henry, they managed to get Ostrov to agree that United States would rescue the survivors of the Yalta, and give them new identities in America as they had mutinied against their captain who had accidentally launched the torpedo. The Russian government then put out the cover story that the Yalta and the USS Kirkland had collided with each other, and because of that, everyone aboard the Yalta had died.

Back home, Elizabeth and Henry comforted Stevie, who had broken up with Arthur to keep him and the Microloan Program safe, and went out as a family for dinner.

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