‘Madam Secretary’ Recap: ‘You Say You Want a Revolution’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Madam Secretary’ Recap: ‘You Say You Want a Revolution’
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“Madam Secretary” Season 2 Episode 7 “You Say You Want to Say A Revolution” aired last Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 8:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) and White House Chief of Staff Russell Jackson (Zeljko Ivanek) worked together as a team to try to lift the trade embargo in Cuba with the United States, just in time for the reopening of the American embassy there. However, they soon discovered that they had an enemy closer to home. Meanwhile, after a minor car accident, Dr. Henry McCord (Tim Daly) and Alison McCord (Kathrine Herzer) tried their best to enjoy some quality time with each other during their trip to Cuba. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened in 1977 in Chicago, where two black men in a car, scared for their lives, shot an American Chicago police officer after the cop went for his own gun first, leaving behind a woman, Afeni Rahim, at the back of the car.


In the present day, Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni), after hearing Matt Mahoney’s (Geoff Arend) against the reopening of the Cuban embassy in the United States, decided that she would be the one to write her speech when she went to Cuba to reopen the American embassy there.

Back at home, Dr. Henry McCord (Tim Daly) and Alison McCord (Kathrine Herzer) began to argue about the fact that she had posted a picture of herself on social media after denting the fender of the car, whose repairs she had paid for by herself. However, Elizabeth rushed back to work after Senator Greg Marks announced his resignation, as this meant that she could try to lift the Trade Embargo that America had with Cuba just in time for the reopening of the American Embassy in Cuba.

After proposing this to President Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine), White House Chief of Staff Russell Jackson (Zeljko Ivanek) and National Security Advisor Craig Sterling (Julian Acosta), much to Sterling’s chagrin, Dalton agreed to have Russell and Elizabeth work on it.

The next morning, Matt discovered that he hadn’t been informed of this, and Elizabeth told him to show her that he was willing to sincerely help a little bit with her speech.


Thankfully, Russell and Elizabeth managed to get all the votes they needed, but discovered a slight wrinkle just as she was about to leave as Senator Parisi (Jason Kravits), one of their yes votes, demanded that they return Afeni Rahim (L. Scott Caldwell), a revolutionary who had fled to Cuba thirty eight years ago, to America to serve out her sentence for killing a Chicago police officer, in exchange for his vote.

On the way to the airport, Henry posited that the entire thing might have been Sterling’s doing.

In Cuba, Henry got mad at Alison for snapping a picture in one of the Catholic churches in the area, as he felt like she was only doing it for the “likes” on social media. After discovering that Alison had learned about what had happened to his student, he opened up to her, and allowed her to drive their rental.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Manuel Garzan (Carlos Barnard), wanting the embargo to be lifted, brought Elizabeth to the restaurant that Afeni owned to try to talk to her to return to America.

However, they were more successful in the second time around as Elizabeth and Press Coordinator Daisy Grant (Patina Miller) managed to convince her that going home and getting a trial by jury would get her the attention she wanted as a revolutionary.

Right before the opening of the embassy, Henry gave her a necklace that Alison had picked out for her to wear, and Matt presented her two American Marines who had been there the day the embassy closed. They were then given the honor of presenting the American flag back to two soldiers who raised the flag up again.

Back home, Russell told Elizabeth that Henry had been right and that Sterling had been the one who had talked to Parisi, which meant that he had knowingly gone behind the President’s back in order to get at them. This meant that they had to come up with something soon to actively go against him.

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