Madam Secretary Recap: Spartan Figures

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Madam Secretary Recap: Spartan Figures
Negotiating diplomacy for her country…and her family!

“Madam Secretary” Season 1 Episode 19 “Spartan Figures” aired last Sunday, April 5, 2015 at 8:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) and President Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine) worked together to make sure that the Greeks agreed to American help to help solve their debt crisis after the former Secretary of Treasury held a Greek national treasure hostage. Meanwhile, Henry McCord (Tim Daly) got an interesting job offer, and Stephanie “Stevie” McCord (Wallis Currie-Wood) reconnected with her troubled childhood friend, Harrison Dalton (Jason Ralph). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord’s (Tea Leoni) family vacationing at their old home, which she and Dr. Henry McCord (Tim Daly) were thinking of selling. Their vacation was then  interrupted by her Chief of Staff, Nadine Tolliver (Bebe Neuwirth),  and her assistant, Blake Moran (Erich Bergen) who came to pick her up as President Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine) needed her counsel regarding the upcoming Brussels trip, especially as the Greeks were going to meet with them in order to solve the Greek debt crisis.

However, Elizabeth discovered that the former Secretary of Treasury, Max Quinn (Michael Cumpsty), who was now working in the private sector, was not happy with the agreement as he wanted the Greeks to pay what was owed him and other investors. Later, the president agreed to go to Brussels for the meeting.

Meanwhile, Stephanie “Stevie” McCord (Wallis Currie-Wood) reconnected with a childhood friend, Harrison Dalton (Jason Ralph), the First Son, who had just gotten out of a rehabilitation clinic.

Later that night, Max decided to repossess the Spartan Figures of Democracy, a Greek national treasure that was on loan to the United States in retaliation, which could cause the Greeks to back out of the agreement. However, Max refused to let the statues go unless the Greeks paid him their debt.

Meanwhile, Georgetown, Henry became surprised after Brigadier General Mitch Sarno (Chuck Cooper) approached him after class and offered him a position to teach Military Ethics at the National War College.

Later that night, while Elizabeth was packing, she told Henry that she was alright with him accepting the job offer, as there was really no conflict of interest. However, their discussion was interrupted by the news that the Greek Prime Minister, Prime Minister Spiros Giorgio (Sherman Howard) had announced that he was backing out the “debt deal” with the United States.

At Brussels, the German chancellor, Chancellor Frieda Schulz (Becky Ann Baker) told them that they were going to solve the European crisis on their own, and Elizabeth instructed her staff to figure out something fast so that they could get the Greeks back on board in order to prevent the Eurozone from collapsing, as that would cause the world economy to collapse into another depression.

Conrad and Elizabeth then met up with Giorgio who refused to get back on board, and revealed that Conrad’s party had no confidence in him anymore as they had asked him not to run in the next election.

While Nadine went to look for Blake who was seen going out with staff from other European countries, Elizabeth confronted Conrad whether what Giorgio had said was true. He then revealed to Elizabeth that he no longer had that much confidence in himself, and seemed rattled over something.

The next day, Nadine was shocked that Blake had been arrested for urinating in public after hitting a bar the night beforehand. Thanks to a call from Stevie, Elizabeth realized that Conrad had been uneasy because of Harrison, who had been found unconscious in his room as he had used heroin again. Elizabeth then reminded him that Harrison was an adult now, and that he was in good hands. She then told him that they had to try to fix things, because she knew that he was stronger than he thought he was at the moment.

Meanwhile, at home, Russell paid a visit to Henry and told him to take the job that he had offered him as it would give him a chance to do intelligence work again with the NSA.

Back in Brussells, Elizabeth and Max agreed on a deal regarding the statues that Greece was alright with, and alerted Conrad that the European leaders were secretly having a meeting without them. She got that piece of information from Blake, who had learned this from the staffers he had gone out with the night before, as he had gone a “fact finding mission” for Elizabeth, which made Nadine comment about the frequency of Elizabeth’s usage of tradecraft.

Conrad and Elizabeth then crashed the meeting, and Conrad managed to get them back on board to accept American help to deal with the Eurozone crisis.

Back at home, Stevie reunited with Harrison, who left later on so that he could be with his father. In the end, Henry decided to accept the job offer, and learned that selling the house wouldn’t be a big deal to the children after all.

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