Madam Secretary Season 3 Spoilers – Directors Turn Actors

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Madam Secretary Season 3 Spoilers – Directors Turn Actors
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The Madam Secretary EPs seem to have a tendency of being involved in other aspects of the show as well. For example, Morgan Freeman has not only directed the premieres of the past two seasons. But he has also been a guest star in them. Now Eric Stoltz who directed an episode in this season will return for the next one, Tectonic Shift, as part of the cast. He will star as Elizabeth’s brother Will.

Eric Stoltz Joins As A Guest Star

As per Carter Matt, in the next episode, Stoltz’s character will be forced to make an important decision. He is trying to find out how to stabilize his family as well as his future, or going off again to do more of his risky but crucial work overseas. It will offer a more personal side to the story which focuses on an international crisis down south in a South American country.

As per the synopsis, Venezuela’s president and immediate successors die in a devastating earthquake. There is a power grab in work by the son of the late president. Elizabeth needs to put an end to it. In addition, she must also secure the release of the international aid team that he has had arrested. In the midst of this is Will, Elizabeth’s brother. He is torn between the decision of staying and saving his marriage. He must choose between taking a job at Walter Reed Medical Center or going to Venezuela to assist in the relief effort.

The Madam Secretary season 3 winter finale episode is due soon. The partnership of Tea Leoni and Tim Daly has gained a lot of popularity. The show also received high rating from viewers. However, in spite of all this, the series has a future that is still uncertain. The episodes post the winter-break are still on hold. Plus, whether there will be a fourth season or has not been decided.

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