Madam Secretary Spoilers: The New Woes of the McCords

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Madam Secretary Spoilers: The New Woes of the McCords
Negotiating diplomacy for her country…and her family!

When it comes to having a career in the political arena, being morally idealistic, and retaining strong and good relationships with peers and friends who travel in the same arena, are both quite difficult to do, as both are always tested day in and day out by the various situations that come one’s way. This, of course, is something that both Dr. Henry McCord (Tim Daly) and the United States Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) know for a fact, given their respective jobs. However, in the upcoming season, it seems like both Elizabeth’s strong relationships with her peers and mentor, and Henry’s ethics, will be tested in the upcoming season.WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding the trials that will face Mr. and Mrs. McCord in the upcoming second season of “Madam Secretary.”  Read on to learn more on what will be happening to them, and how they will be tested.

Dr. Henry McCord (Tim Daly), who is known for standing firm and strong to what he believes in, will, according to TV Line, be facing a very interesting and challenging dilemma at the onset of the second season.

Henry’s dilemma- which will be the beginning and the first of the many things that he and his new handler, Defense Intelligence Agent Jane Fellows (Jill Hennessy), will clash on. He will begin when Fellows asks him to recruit a young, patriotic, Russian student, who is currently studying at the National War College, into the NSA. According to Deadline, this student, named Dimitri, will be portrayed by Chris Petrovski, and will recur throughout the season.

However, Henry isn’t the only one who will be caught in a difficult position. Deadline has announced “Hand of God’s” Julian Acosta will be portraying the new National Security Advisor, named Craig Sterling. He will work tirelessly to destroy Elizabeth’s great working relationship with Keith Carradine’s President Conrad Dalton.

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Catch the second season of  “Madam Secretary” on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

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