Maddie Ziegler Compares Herself to Hanna Montana – Dance Moms

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Maddie Ziegler Compares Herself to Hanna Montana – Dance Moms

Dance Moms” superstar Maddie Ziegler keeps on proving that she is Abby Lee Miller’s strongest student. She recently had an interview with Seventeen Magazine and compared herself to Miley Cyrus’ iconic “Hannah Montana” character, especially about her wig issues. Read on for details.

Accoridng to, the 12-year-old dance protege shared her exciting experience on Instagram by posting the cover of her first-ever feature on Seventeen’s May 2015 issue. She starred on the article entitled “Can’t Get Enough of Maddie Ziegler. She explained that like Hanna Montana, she also lives the best of both worlds with two personas.

Hanna Montana is known for wearing a blonde wig to conceal her true identity. Ziegler explained that she also got noticed outside the world of “Dance Moms” because of her Sia wig. Despite being used to the uncomfortable wig, it still hurts Ziegler’s head because of numerous pins to keep it from falling while doing the stunts.

“Sometimes I’m just like, ‘Can we get this wig off?’ Ziegler told Seventeen.

Ziegler’s fame became more intense after performing at the Grammy Awards with Sia and Kristen Wiig. Ziegler admitted freaking out after hearing the opportunity. She described Wiig as an “amazing” artist and shared that the Saturday Night Live (SNL) star was nervous about people making fun of her. She commended Wiig for a great performance despite her limited experience as a dancer.

What’s in store for Ziegler? Miller’s favorite student said she hoped to star in a film or TV series. She planned to continue dancing but was not certain yet how to boost her dance career. She stated that she also signed up for singing lessons but admitted that her sister Mackenzie would always be better than her. She was thankful about her young age because she believed she could do more.

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