Madonna Buys Farm In Long Island; Building A $6.4 Million Private Mansion?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Madonna Buys Farm In Long Island; Building A $6.4 Million Private Mansion?
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook\Madonna | Madonna

Madonna is trying out farming if the recent news is to be believed. She has bought an old potato farm next to her Hamptons Mansion in the Suffolk County Area on New York’s Long Island Area. The Material Girl purchased the tax-payer –owned plot in Bridgehampton in a sweetheart deal and is going to collect multiple tax benefits because she plans to use the farm for agriculture.

According to NY Post, Suffolk County officials had summarily approved the sale last year and Madonna has already started planting Cypress, Pine, and Juniper bushes in the area. Sources say that she is planning to build a mansion on the land and these trees are only supposed to hide the private mansion from prying eyes.

Her neighbours in East Hampton are calling it “a front and a fraud.” Locals are complaining that Madge has no interest in growing crops on the land. They see the trees as her effort to create a buffer for her new $6.4 million mansion in that area.

Only time can tell if the superstar will become a part-time farmer and make farming fashionable among the rich. But right now, it seems, she is battling with her angry neighbours for a right to make a mansion on the land that she bought. They claim that Madonna is stealing from the taxpayers by buying the land for less and pretending to be a farmer when she is clearly not one.

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Photo Source: Facebook\Madonna

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