Madonna Reaches Out To LBGT Community On Grindr

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Madonna Reaches Out To LBGT Community On Grindr
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook\ Madonna | Madonna

Madonna has always supported the LGBT community. And now that the gay, bi, and curious people have a new website aka Grindr, Madonna has decided to team up with them to popularize her new music. Users of Grindr and similar dating apps will be delighted to find that they can sample new music using the app.

As more and more people hook up using a dating website, artists are scrambling to get their music heard on dating platforms like Tinder, Match, and more recently, Grindr. Even the biggies are hooking up with these sites to advertize their music. Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Jason Derulo have all made samples of their new album available online through dating websites.

Fox News reported that Madonna’s team contacted Grindr about collaborating for her latest music. Together, Grindr and Madonna, launched a contest around Valentine’s Day where users would change their profile picture to match the cover art of Madonna’s latest album, “Rebel Heart.” The idea was a huge hit and the winners got to live chat with Madonna.

Gay fans have always been extremely enamoured with Madonna, who has advocated gay rights even before taking this kind of stand became fashionable. Grindr also worked with Lady Gaga in 2011 when she had released “Born This Way,” and had even provided a link to the iTunes platform to download the No. 1 hit on the gay dating site.

More and more artists are promoting their music via dating wesites. Tinder has been extensively used by artists such as Hilary Duff, and Limp Bizkit’s frontman, Fred Durst. As more and more people join the millions on the dating websites, artists of note will quickly start providing their music on these websites. This seems like a win-win situation for all concerned.

The next time you are looking for a date, don’t forget to go online and sample some new music for a double helping of fun.

Photo Source: Facebook\Madonna

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