Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes Violates American Rule

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes Violates American Rule

Lourdes, who is the 18-year old daughter of pop singer Madonna, was caught drinking at the concert of her mother in Detroit on Oct. 1, 2015.

Madonna, who at present is at her Rebel Heart Tour, moved thousand off their feet but seems as alcohol accompanied more for her daughter to enjoy the music of  pop star.

The daughter of ghost town singer was captured in camera by TMZ when she was taking sips from the can of Bud Light standing in the front row. The girl is an American citizen and as per the rules of the legal age of drinking is 21 years that straight away means that the girl was boozing illegally.(via Music News)

Earlier this year on an interview at “The Jonathan Ross Show,” the “Like A Virgin” singer expressed her thoughts on drinking alcohol and drugs.

“I just ask my daughter to make wise decisions and to do things in moderation and to try not to mix her alcohol.” Madonna said.

Madonna further said,  “I don’t scold my  children while discussing  on experimenting with various substances.” Being very frank Madonna said, “I am not going to say, ‘no, don’t do it’ because that is just absurd. And it is not fair. Yeah, I did it.”

It was although the cool mother of Lourdes (18), Rocco (15), David (10), and daughter Mercy (9) Madonna does not like to be intoxicated. The star likes to stay away from any such thing. But that doesn’t mean that she never tried it but she didn’t liked it.

Madonna also shared her experience with drugs.

“I am not a big fan of drugs. They just don’t suit me,” she explained. “The handful of times I have tried drugs, many many many many years ago, I just didn’t enjoy it. I wanted it out of me. I started guzzling bottles of water thinking that was going to end it.”

It will be interesting to know how the mother who hated drugs and drinking so much will react to this news about her daughter.

Photosource: Twitter/Madonna

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