Madonna’s “Rebel Heart Tour” Review: Unchained, Unbound & Unhealthily Obsessed With Bananas

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Madonna’s “Rebel Heart Tour” Review: Unchained, Unbound & Unhealthily Obsessed With Bananas
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Madonna’s “Rebel Heart Tour” has the ‘material girl’ unchained, unbound, and suggesting endless sexual acts with bananas. In the world filled with ‘shocking’ performances every other day from the Miley Cyrus and Lady Gagas, the Queen of Pop that proves she is  still relevant with her new tour. Read on to find out more.

Kicking off her tour at Montreal’s Bell Center last Wednesday, Madonna dedicated herself to breaking what few taboos there are still left to break. Gaggles of painted geishas descended on the stage, as stripper nuns writhed seductively on steel crucifixes as Madonna herself adorned devil horns. There were images of Madonna and Mike Tyson in captivity, with a strong anti-corporate logo, and Madonna descending from the ceiling in an a cage.

I have a cage………its called the stage!❤️#rebelhearttour

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But in 2015, twenty-six years after “Like a Prayer” and being sensational is very much the norm. So the best moments of the evening were the Queen getting up close and personal with her fans. The Montreal Gazette called her rendition of La Vie En Rose a “big small moment,” and praised Madonna for her “vulnerability.” Similarly, the rustic Spanish sounds of “La Isla Bonita” was another small victory still retaining its familiar breezy feeling after many years.

Montreal you had me down on my knee's! Thank you a memorable night! ❤️#rebelhearttour

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“Rebel Heart” is also re-examining Madonna’s fixation with simulating sexual acts with a banana. While at Washington, she offered one to a fan on stage during the performance of “Unapologetic B*tch,” and he immediately starting miming oral sex on the poor fruit. She was clearly impressed with the acumen, joking “Well, I guess you know what to do with that banana,” Digital Spy is reporting. You can watch the video below.


This comes in the wake of Madonna humping Diplo on Wednesday with another banana (or may be the same one).

“Rebel Heart Tour” continues in Madison Square Garden in New York to the end of this week, before moving to Quebec.

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