Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’: Watch Tiny Amy Schumer Sing ‘Like a Prayer’

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago

Madonna’s  “Rebel Heart Tour” is kicking into high gear at New York City, with Amy Schumer opening for the queen of Pop tonight. In preparation, watch a tiny, tiny Schumer groove out to “Like a Prayer,” after this break. Read on for more details.

Schumer is a true blue Madonna fan, and she is got the video to prove it. Posted to her Instagram profile just one day before she opens for Madonna in Madison Square gardens, the video has a curly-haired, pre-teen Schumer singing “Like a Prayer” and adorably bobbing her  head to the beat. Watch the video to see Schumer really getting into it.


I made it through the wilderness. Meet you at the Garden tonight @madonna

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As we already reported, the “Rebel Heart tour” has proven itself to be a spectacle worth seeing. And people are flocking to see it, with the New York ticket prices now $ 465, a 38 % premium over a usual Madonna concert ticket. The Madonna-Schumer ‘dynamic duo’ is also helping this economic bounty, with Friday’s tickets now averaging $500.27. Her stop at Barclay’s Center sans Schumer (on Saturday) is selling for $ 500 in the secondary markets, the Street is reporting. “Rebel Heart” is making Madonna very, very rich indeed.

Prada Hooked us Up! Thank you Prada and Miu-Miu! ❤️#rebelhearttour

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Devout Catholics are angry at Madonna, as they have always been, for using a sexy nun costume in “Rebel Heart.” In the song “Holy Water,” Madonna dons a skimpy nun’s habit before pole-dancing. According to Page Six, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League chimed in saying “[blasphemous behaviour is her] last refuge as she struggles to avoid becoming an entertainment has-been. For her and her fans, apparently, Catholic-bashing is the one thing that never gets old.”

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