Madonna’s Tour Buses Stopped At Canadian Border; Police Finds Dancers With Pot

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Madonna’s Tour Buses Stopped At Canadian Border; Police Finds Dancers With Pot
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Papa might not preach but the police certainly do. Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ got a little pot-trouble as her tour-buses were stopped at the Canadian border for a five hour search by authorities. Madonna’s dancers were apparently caught smoking weed in her bus, leading to the halt. Read on for more details.

Madonna is not known for her family-friendly image, but marijuana use by her crew on an international border might have been a step too radical, even for the material girl. An insider source spoke to Radar Online about Madonna’s customs fiasco on Saturday, saying:

“There was total drama on the Madonna tour Saturday night at the Canadian border. Dancers were caught smoking pot on tour bus — so the other five buses were torn apart by customs. The search took hours.”

The incident reportedly cost over tens of thousands of dollars in extra expenditure, and has got the Queen of Pop furious, the source reported further, “She was so p*ssed. There will be ramifications for those involved, if not from law enforcement, certainly from Madge herself!”

Madonna is already known for her high handed treatment of her crew, with incidents including tantrums, ‘nuclear meldown’ when one of her crew broke their arm, and a strangely vitriolic hatred towards fat people (in her own words, no fat c*nts in her presence) (via Radar Online).

“Rebel Heart” is one of Madonna’s biggest shows ever, and no doubt the pressure from the latest drug incident is mounting on Queen Madge. Whereas it is not known whether customs officials charged Madonna’s dancers with anything, but sources close to her claim that Madonna will not let them go free of consequences.

The incident took place prior to Madonna’s performance in Toronto on Monday, which she delivered with great aplomb and trademark Madonna panache.

Photo Source: Facebook/Madonna

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