Magic Magic Movie Review

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Magic Magic Movie ReviewDirector Sebastian Silva presents Magic Magic, a story about Alicia (Juno Temple) and her journey to visit her cousin Sarah (Emily Browning) in Chile. She will go on a road trip with Sarah’s boyfriend Agustin (Agustin Silva), his sister Barbara (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and their strange friend Brink (Michael Cera).

Right from her arrival in Chile, Alicia is struggling. She is unprepared for the trip and wary of her surroundings. He receives an abrasive welcome from the group. Sarah is naturally caring but Barbara intolerant right from the start. Agustin is dismissive about Alicia. Brink is flirtatious and always teasing their visitor. As they reach their destination, Alicia’s disagreeable state worsens.

Agustin Silva and Browning are good supports to Temple. Cera and Moreno are believable as the tormentors. Cera has been known for his comedies but in Magic Magic, he is not funny at all. His actions, words, and fashion sense leaves a feeling of a creep that wants to be close to his prey. Moreno is always scowling towards Alicia from the start.

But the star of Magic Magic is Juno Temple. She plays a stranger in a strange land and accompanied by new acquaintances in a trip to a destination unknown to her. She is the cause for contempt along the way and feels trapped.

Alicia is a grounded person before she goes on the trip to South America but she changed as she arrived in the country. The coastal surroundings look relaxing and yet Alicia is inconsolable. It leads to a breathless and frightening final act.

There have been a lot of cream queens in the past. The title is given to an actress who faces down a masked villain. Some of the actresses whose scream mean something are Mia Farrow, Isabelle Adjani, Sheryl Lee and Catherine Deneuve. It is safe to include Juno Temple in the list for her performance in Magic Magic.

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