Magic Mike Debuts in Theaters this Weekend

By admin | 6 years ago

Magic Mike is set to release in cinemas across the nation this weekend. It hopes that it can draw in female viewers with its near naked men dressed as firemen, doctors, soldiers, and cops. It looks like a lot of women can’t wait to fall in line to watch the movie. Magic Mike

The hype of Magic Mike among the female of the species must be one of the reason why G. I. Joe Retaliation, which is the sequel to the action movie that features Magic Mike’s Channing Tatum as well, moved its release date to next year. It was previously set to open today.

Magic Mike is a male stripper movie that is set to ignite the big screen with its gyrating cast of tall, tanned and defoliated men. According to recent surveys, 87 percent of women who responded planned to watch the movie with their girl pals.

Magic Mike is receiving good reviews from both male and female critics. Rotten Tomatoes report a positive rating of 80 percent, which is higher than other summer blockbusters such as Brave and Prometheus.

Channing Tatum stars in Magic Mike. He has a four month experience as an exotic dancer in Tampa in his late teens. His stint as a stripper is said to be the inspiration for the script. Matthew McConaughey is tagged as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2005. At 42 years of age, his career enjoyed a midlife resurgence with five movies this year and a HBO series as well.

But sorry for the ladies, the two main stars of Magic Mike are already hitched. McConaughey married his girlfriend of five years and mother of his two children, Camilia Alves, just before the debut of the movie. Tatum married his Step Up partner Jenna Dewan in 2009.

Tatum originated the idea of the Magic Mike and brought director Steven Soderbergh in. The director was determined to give the story a straightforward approach and opted for a low-key naturalism than over-the-top showbiz campiness.

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