‘Magic Mike XXL:’ Poster Censored In Australia, Actors In Singlets, Possibility Of A 3D Sequel

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Magic Mike XXL:’ Poster Censored In Australia, Actors In Singlets, Possibility Of A 3D Sequel
Magic Mike XXL

Channing Tatum is accompanied by Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez and Kevin Nash on the original promo of the new stripper film “Magic Mike XXL” in Australia after its posters were censored. All the actors made the stage performance clad only in jeans exposing their tough torso.

There was a recent confusion and a tad outrage among the Aussie fans seeing a poster that showed the actors in tight white T-shirts.

Some fans instantly started tweeting “@Pretty52 They added shirts to the Magic Mike XXL poster at a bus stop near my house’… Surely a crime against humanity?!” “@IshtarsHS Saw poster for Magic Mike XXL today on which the cast had singlets photoshopped onto them. I really don’t get the rationale there.”

After some hue and cry from the fans, The Mirror stated that those different posters were printed on special papers. It teased saying that they had appeared fully clothed during the daytime and shirtless at night.

The marketing of “Magic Mike XXL” is likely to be accomplished up to the mark as the audiences – particularly female audiences – loved the actors dancing and more of it. However, men were hardly interested in this movie and according to some reports, the opening weekend of the movie showed that 96 percent of the audience were females.

According to Cinema Blend, there is a possibility of another sequel of “Magic Mike” in 3D. Tatum already remarked that the fate of the third sequel would be in the hands of the fans, but he did not talk about its possibility in 3D. It was Joe Manganiello who sensibly teased the “possibility of a 3D sequel.”

“Oh jeez, ‘Magic Mike’ in 3D, oh you go hard! I love it! Well, look, if there was a ‘Magic Mike’ three and there was a story for Rome I would love to participate, lord knows I had a BLAST doing this one,” Jada Pinkett Smith gladly commented in an interview with Glamour News.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Pretty 52

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