The Magic Of ‘Toy Story 4:’ What Can Fans Expect From The Next Installment?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
The Magic Of ‘Toy Story 4:’ What Can Fans Expect From The Next Installment?

“Toy Story 4” is certainly one of the most anticipated films for the upcoming year. This remains to be a successful franchise for Disney and Pixar. Many fans thought that “Toy Story 3” was already the last, as Andy was seen letting go of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and all of his other toys. It is not a surprise that fans from different ages of the movie are excited to see what else is in store for them.

The excitement for “Toy Story 4” grew bigger when John Lasseter, the Chief Creative Officer of Disney, revealed some details about it. According to CNBC, the fourth installment will tackle about the possible relationship of Woody and Bo Peep. Is this the love story that will even bring more human-like life to the characters?

Although some are wondering if this is a good move by the animation companies, Lasseter gave assurance and said: “At Pixar and at Disney, we only make sequels if we come up with a story that’s as good or better than the original. That’s our rule. We don’t do things just to print money.”

The clues about the plot were revealed last month at the D23 Expo. Other movies set to be produced by Disney and Pixar were discussed too during the event.

An article from We Got This Covered shared why “Toy Story 4” is such a great idea. The moviegoers can expect for new characters especially since the last released installment showcased new toys that replaced a lot of those from the previous films.  It’s exhilarating to find out their participation in the plot.

Since there could be new toys, fans may also have a treat of seeing old friends or enemies. Bo Peep is a confirmed comeback in the movie. The article also mentioned regarding the possibility of Zurg to return as well and revive that rivalry against Buzz Lightyear.

Whether or not the expectations of fans will happen in “Toy Story 4,” it is foreseen now how this latest addition to the franchise will be a massive success both locally and internationally.

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