‘Mahomie’ singer Austin Mahone shows off his shirtless body to the world during his commercial

By admin | 4 years ago

The young pop artist, Austin Mahone who gained popularity back in 2012 was currently working with Aquafina for a commercial. The catch to the commercial? Well, the star was walking about shirtless in front of the whole world; however, he made it look good as well. The star has kept himself in tip top shape and I’m sure he won’t fail to impress most, if not all of his lady fans.

Austin Mahone Shirtless

In addition to the commercial, the pop star also took to his Twitter account to lay down a little teaser for his fans and followers, posting: “Shooting my @FlavorSplash commercial today!!!”
You can check out his Twitter page right over here.

It is imminent that fans can’t wait to see the final finished product that would be the Aquafina commercial and if Mahone appears shirtless anywhere or in any other commercial, we’re pretty sure that fans all round will be happy.

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