Maine GOP Chairman Apologizes for Voter Fraud Statement

By admin | 6 years ago

Charlie Webster, the chairman of the Maine GOP has finally apologized for the alleged widespread voter fraud in Maine by a group of mysterious black people in small towns around the state.

He said he had intended to talk about voting irregularities and not about race. However, said the GOP chair, his comments were made prior to any proof of wrongdoing and resulted in the unintended results of criticizing a complete group of Americans. For that, he said he was completely sorry.

Early in the week, Webster said that in some of the rural parts of Maine there had been dozens of black people who arrived at voting polls and voted on November 6. He told a television station at the time that everyone has the right to vote, but no one in those towns knew anyone black.

The Democratic Party Chair said the comments by Webster were racist and the NAACP chapters in the state said they were insulting and offensive.

Webster for years has been opposed to voter registration on the same day of voting and said he was going to have the alleged voter fraud investigated by sending out thank you notes to all voters who had registered the same day as the election.

He said if the notes came back he would then know the addresses that were given had been false. He said during his apology on Thursday that he was also dropping his plan for an investigation.

His apology was nothing more than a sudden reversal, since as late as the same afternoon he was defending his stance during an interview. He told reporters that nothing about him is discriminatory. He claimed he knows black people and he plays each Sunday a game of basketball with a black person who is a good friend of his.

He has been asked to resign his post that ends on December 1. He has already told fellow Republicans that he will not run for reelection.


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