Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: ‘Sorry I Missed You’

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: ‘Sorry I Missed You’
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“Major Crimes” Season 4 episode 2 titled, “Sorry I Missed You” aired on Monday, June 15, 2015 on TNT.

“Major Crimes” latest episode kicks off with the cops watching a car chase on screen. Sykes tells them the police are after a psychiatrist named Justin Henson. Provenza thinks it’s out of their area when Buzz calls them in to say that the car chase is headed to their area.

Henson drives to the construction site and the cops see a body come out of the trunk. The cops finally decide to move and head towards the scene of the crime. Flynn identifies the man in the trunk as the shrink and sees him with three bullets in the back.

Provenza begins to wonder who was driving the car all the time. Tao theorizes that the doctor was driving when someone shot him from behind. Sgt. Mills tells them that he saw the driver talking on his phone without his seat belt on, which led to the police chase. Tao finds a list and a bag full of clothes in the car.

At the ME’s office, Sharon begins to theorize on several possible scenarios. Sanchez thinks that Henson had a patient who had something against him. The ME tells them that the driver had a piece of paper in his stomach and was wearing a wedding ring with the name Janice written on it.

Tao says that the note in his stomach, which contains Henson’s address did not match the penmanship on the list. Provenza thinks that Henson’s wife, Courtney may have something to do with this. Sanchez tells them they’re having a hard time securing a warrant because of the issues on patient confidentiality. Andy suggests that they get a consent from the wife.

Meanwhile, Rusty is browsing through the files when Sharon arrives and asks for any updates. He tells her that most of them think that it was only a case of a family gone bad. She wonders if he has the strength to watch the footage of Alice’s murderer. Rusty thanks her.

In the other room, Henson’s second wife has arrived. Provenza asks if she knows of any of his patients who would have anything against him. She tells them that the parents often get frustrated and he asks her to sign the consent. She refuses to do so until Provenza tells her that they’ll be securing a warrant later on.

Provenza asks about her relationship with Henson. He finds out that she was once Henson’s patient when she was 12. She tells him that his ex wife Evelyn is in Milan.

Oderno tells Sharon that they have a possible match with the killer – Randall Ward, a restaurant owner. His wife, Janice called in a missing persons report. Sharon asks Sanchez to look for the phone.

At Ward’s house, Provenza asks Janice if they could talk for a minute. She introduces them to Randall’s lawyer, Owen who was supposed to speak with him about an investor. Sykes asks if they could hear the voice mail and they hear Randall speaking about the investor on the phone.

Janice tries calling Randall’s phone and it rings inside the house. Tao begins to wonder whose phone Randall was using when he called. They start issuing the warrant and begin looking around the house.

They find a hefty amount of cash in her car, but she claims she never saw that money till now. Andy thinks Courtney is having an affair because of the receipts at Taft Hotel.

Sanchez comes in with the DA, Andrea, who tells them that Randall hired a murderer. Andrea tells them about their business’ financial state but Janice doesn’t believe them until Owen butts in and tells her that they’re struggling.

Courtney begins to explain her side and tells them that he was always about his patients and had little time for her. Turns out she already found someone else, their marriage counselor – Dr. Don. Sanchez arrives and reads the rights. Andy tells them they have proof, but it turns out the arrest was for Owen. He had a daughter who died while he was under Henson’s care. Owen begins to recount the events.

Rusty visits Alice’s killer and tells him that it’s for his vlog. The guy admits that he had a drug problem, but he’s now 10 months clean. He promises to write about his side of the story as long as he tells him about Alice.

Later on, Sharon checks in with Rusty. She wonders if watching the clips will reopen the wounds. He tells her that it does but he has to go through this to help Alice. He goes back to watching the interview.

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