Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: ‘Open Line’

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: ‘Open Line’
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“Major Crimes” Season 4 Episode 3 titled, “Open Line” aired on Monday, June 22, 2015 on TLC. Read on for the full recap.

On the latest episode of “Major Crimes,” the team investigates on the murder of a model named Christa Cook. The episode kicks off with Christa running into her room after being assaulted by a mysterious man. The man runs after her and kicks and punches her. She tries to call 911, but couldn’t speak anymore.

Provenza and the rest of the team find her dead on the floor. Rusty and Sharon arrive and Provenza asks Rusty to take care of the victim’s dog for the meantime. Tao shows them a photo of Christa with a man and asks for a warrant to see her social media account.

Sykes identifies the man in the photo as Felix Koster, an MMA fighter. Morales tells Sharon that the results of her xrays came out and someone just brutally assaulted her with his hands and feet. Sykes asks Andy to find Felix with him.

Andy finds Felix sparring at the gym. His brother Dylan interrupts them and tells them he’ll call their lawyer. Sykes tells him about Christa and Felix looks stunned to hear the news. His brother tells them that Felix and Christa dated for about a year.

Sharon wonders if there were other men involved, but Tao couldn’t find anyone in her account. Andrea appears and issues subpoenas for Sharon and Rusty for getting themselves involved in the Slider murder case.

Tao is running through Christa’s laptop when he suddenly finds a spyware in it and asks Sharon to shut her computer down. Tao asks for a complete shutdown of the entire intranet. Sharon asks if they can trace who sent the malware to Christa’s laptop.

Tao runs the laptop for some tests and finds the malware tracing back to Melissa Zara. Provenza heads over to Melissa’s company and questions her about the malware. Melissa tells them that she only forwarded the photo from a photographer named Malcolm.

Andy and Sykes head over to Malcolm’s shoot location. His assistant butts in and Malcolm tells Heather to give them the name and contact details of his lawyer. Andy tells him that he has a warrant and brings him to the station.

Chief Taylor confronts Rusty and Sharon about their subpoenas. Sharon tells him it was a mistake. Andrea tells them that the judge is asking to hear the interview. Taylor tells her that he’ll send a copy of the video. Andrea asks for Rusty’s phone. He initially resists, but eventually hands his phone to her.

At home, Rusty begins gathering his research findings. He wonders why the judge is asking to see them. Sharon reassures him that he didn’t do anything wrong.

The next day, Sharon asks Malcolm about Christa, but he insists that he did not do anything against her. Tao asks him about the malware from the photo he sent and Sharon accuses him of cyber stalking and arrests him.

Malcolm starts to panic and confesses that he saw the whole murder take place. His lawyer butts in and makes a deal. Malcolm tells them that the guy was wearing sweats and that he has a copy of everything. Sharon asks him to make a list of the other models he sent malwares to and seal off the deal.

Provenza and the rest of the team begin watching the clip. Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t reveal the murderer’s face.

The judge confronts Rusty for taking part in the case. Rusty insists he had no idea it was not allowed. The judge asks him not to post anything about the case.

Sykes finds out that Felix and Dylan were lying when they said they were at the gym at the time of the incident. He says he found him buying coffee past 7 am and brings him into the station.

Dylan insists that his brother was in the car waiting for him. Sykes and Andy begin warning him of being charged as an accomplice. He starts speaking up. He tells them that Felix received a text from Christa, which prompted him to get mad. Tao comments that Christa never sent him a message.

At the gym, Sykes arrest Felix for murder but he tries to take one of the cops’ guns. Julio warns that he’ll shoot him. Felix tells them that it was an accident and tries to take the gun. Tao shoots him.

Later on, Tao finds out that the text message came from Malcolm. Turns out, he used it to provoke Felix. Andrea warns Malcolm of being charged with terrorism and his lawyer asks for another deal. Andrea tells him that he needs to admit sending the photo and gives him his options – be imprisoned for manslaughter or be charged with terrorism. His lawyer tells them they’ll go with the second option.

Meanwhile, the judge is reviewing the clips from Rusty’s interview. He thinks the interview did not have anything in it. Rusty asks if he can post the video and the judge tells him it’s fine. When alone, the judge tells Sharon that Rusty is smart, but warns her to stay out of it.

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