Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: ‘Snitch’

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: ‘Snitch’
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“Major Crimes” Season 4 Episode 5 titled “Snitch” aired on Monday, July 6 on TLC. Read on for the full recap.

The latest episode of “Major Crimes” begins with Rusty playing Alice’s voice mail from her phone for Joe to listen to. Joe wonders why he hasn’t given the recordings to the police but Rusty insists that they can’t know about it yet. Joe advises him to protect his source but let the police handle such evidences. Rusty confesses that TJ helped him and he considers him as a friend. Joe asks Rusty about his attachments to the case. Rusty believes that Alice needs him.

Meanwhile, the team is investigating on the murder of two victims named Breezy and Tamara. Julio tells Provenza that this case is something related to a gang called the Monsters. They retrieve several pieces of evidence from the scene.

Amy starts looking from house to house when she hears a girl telling her to look behind the screen. In it, she finds a possible murder weapon. The girl asks her to come inside. Amy finds a little girl inside. She tells Amy that she saw the killer but Amy stops her from talking. Amy advises her to keep everything she knows to herself and stay away from the window. She leaves her card with the girl.

Amy tells the team that she found a gun inside a house. Provenza wonders how she found it. Tao examines the gun and confirms that the gun was the murder weapon and it traces to an earlier case of a taco truck operator named Humberto Perez.

The team believes that Twizz is their main suspect. Buzz tells them that Twizz had a photo in the party on the woman’s phone. Sharon begins to ask Amy about the gun but Amy tells her she was just looking at common areas to stash murder weapons.

In the meantime, Andy tells Provenza that he’ll be asking Sharon out on a date. Buzz tells them that Twizz is being questioned right now.

Julio tells Twizz that he shot Humberto and he was at the party but the latter feigns innocence. He doesn’t have any motive for killing Breezy.

Amy receives a call from the little girl. She tells her that a guy is looking for the gun outside their house. Amy asks Buzz about the cameras, but he tells her that the cameras are a fake. Amy tells her to go to the mini mart and call using the payphone. She gives her a number to call and look for the desk sergeant.

Twizz tells them that he’ll call his lawyer. Andrea and Sharon offer him a deal but he refuses. Provenza receives a call from the desk sergeant and pulls Sharon out of the interview. He tells Sharon and Amy that the witness said that the killer is Big Hazard. Sharon asks about the cameras nearby but he tells her that someone already asked the same question. Amy admits that she knew about the witness.

Julio tells them that Big Hazard’s name is Jason. His ex was one of the victims, Tamara. Meanwhile, the chief asks Amy about keeping the witness from them. Amy tells them she was only protecting the witness. Later, Sharon reminds Amy that she needs to put the witness in protective custody the moment she finds out her name.

Rusty insists that whatever he is doing for Alice is right and that the only thing he regrets is keeping things from Sharon. Rusty tells him that the recordings are important. Joe ends the session.

Provenza tells Twizz’s lawyer that his prints were found in the murder weapon. They try to get him into a deal, but Amira’s grandmother arrives at the station and starts threatening everyone.

The team decides on searching Twizz’s house and try to lure Big Hazard in. Upon arrival, Big Hazard immediately tries to escape but Amy hits him with a grilling lid. Julio brings in Hazard, who notices the police searching inside Twizz’s house. Big Hazard asks what’s going on and Julio tricks him into thinking that Twizz is already in Wit Sec.

Sharon tells Big Hazard that he knows about Breezy sleeping with his ex. His lawyer insists that his client is innocent but Julio tells them they have an eyewitness. Big Hazard asks to see Twizz in prison if they want to make a deal.

Provenza shows a photo of Twizz. Tao tells Twizz and his lawyer that Hazard confessed about the taco truck killing. Provenza wonders why Twizz gave the gun he used to kill Humberto to Big Hazard.

Later on, Andy tells Amy that they no longer need their eyewitness. Rusty arrives and plays the messages to Andrea and Sharon. Sharon tells him that she’s proud of what he has done.

Sharon approaches Andy. He asks her out for dinner and describes the place as a romantic new place. She wonders about the word romantic but later agrees to him him for dinner. Andy looks stunned.

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