Major Testifies against Murdoch and other Media News

By admin | 6 years ago

Former Prime Minister John Major is the latest British politician to testify before the judicial committee with regards to the phone hacking scandal involving Rupert Murdoch. Major said that Murdoch told him to change his policies or else Murdoch’s papers would switch to the Labor Party. Murdoch

News Corporation denied that the conversation between Major and Murdoch happened. It added that the company’s British newspapers were not unanimous in switching to the Labor Party. At present, M. P.’s are debating on whether Jeremy Hunt, culture minister who favored News Corporation’s purchase of BSkyB, should be probed on whether he gave an unbiased account to Parliament.

According to reports, the Justice Department is investigating cable companies for utilizing strategies, such as capping data, in order to suppress new video streaming firms like Netflix and Hulu. Investigators have already met with Time Warner Cable and Comcast, which also have their own on-demand services that complete against other online video stream sites.

The Times-Picayune of New Orleans and the Alabama newspapers owned by Advance Publications had to lay off people. The Times-Picayune lay off 84 people but it said that it rehired most of them and brought down the number to just 32. A total of 400 employees lost their jobs in the company’s three Alabama newspapers.

The layoffs were part of the company’s reshuffling that will see the newspapers publish print editions for just three times a week and would refocus on their online web sites. It is still unknown as to what the roles of the editors and reporters would be in the new digital editions of the papers.

Hollywood recently released movies that are closer to real life than the superhero movies of late. Studios released People Like Us, Magic Mike and Rock of Ages. Critics call it a risky move, especially looking at the results of the box office in the past years.

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