Mama June Shannon Threatens To Sue TLC If ’19 Kids And Counting’ Is Not Cancelled Following Josh Duggar Child Molestation Case

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Mama June Shannon Threatens To Sue TLC If ’19 Kids And Counting’ Is Not Cancelled Following Josh Duggar Child Molestation Case
Mama June

“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” star Mama June called on TLC to cancel “19 Kids and Counting” after reports surfaced that the reality TV’s star Josh Duggar has been involved in a child molestation case which turned out to be true.


Mama June Shannon said that if TLC will not cancel the show she would sue the TV network after her own show before was also cancelled because she has been dating a convicted child molester, reported The Huffington Post. June Shannon dated Mark McDaniel who was proven guilty of molesting his then 8 year old daughter.


Shannon said that she never did anything wrong to anyone and that although convicted of the crime, McDaniel never appeared on the reality show where Mama June was part. The website reported that Mama June Shannon argued that Josh Duggar is a main figure in “19 Kids and Counting.”


The 27-year-old reality TV show actor confirmed the reports after posting a message on the Duggar Family’s Facebook fan page. He admitted that his act was inexcusable and that he is extremely sorry for what he did and deeply regretted the matter.


The report went on saying that because of the cancellation of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” Mama June Shannon has incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of losses. She argued that even as there is a case on molestation confronting a main cast of the Duggar Family, TLC owed her money because the network was not consistent or fair.


June Shannon told TMZ:

“I read that the Duggar family said, this happening with their son brought them closer to God and each other. So they’re saying it’s ok to have family touch time? Hell no.”

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post asked reps from TLC to respond to Shannon’s threats of suing the network and the cancellation of “19 Kids and Counting.” However, calls were not returned to comment regarding the issue.

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Photo Source: Facebook/June Shannon-Mama June

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