Man Killed on Highway after taking photos of Justin Bieber auto

By admin | 6 years ago

It is common that Hollywood stars have run-ins with the paparazzi. One of those stars is Justin Bieber the 18-year old pop singer who was involved in a high-speed chase back in July with the paparazzi that prompted a Los Angeles council member to comment that such problems between the paparazzi and the pop star could eventually end in tragedy.

The prediction by the councilman became reality on New Year’s Day, when a photographer was killed crossing a highway after taking photos of who he had thought was Bieber in his white Ferrari on the side of the roadway. The photographer successfully crossed the highway to take the photos, but was hit by traffic when he tried to return to his own car.

Photographers can make large sums of money from a photo taken at the opportune time, but this time, Bieber was not inside his car when the tragic incident unfolded. Tuesday night, the California Highway Patrol pulled the Ferrari of Bieber over on one of the off ramps of Interstate 405. The car was spotted by the photographer who was on the other side of the highway. He crossed the highway and took a photo of the Ferrari and its occupants. He was told however, by officers to return to his car.

When he attempted to do so, he was struck and killed. As of yet, police have not released the name of the photographer. A statement was released by a Bieber representative that said while the pop singer was not present or involved directly with what happened, his thoughts and prayers were with the family of the victim.

Paparazzi chased Bieber in July of 2012 in two vehicles. During the incident, they passed LA Councilman Dennis Zine who said the cars were changing lanes erratically and unpredictably, while cutting fellow motorists off and not signalling.


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