Man on a ledge

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man on a ledge

The movie has a PG-13 rating due to the use of strong language and violence. Directed by Asger Leth, the son of Danish director Jorgen Leth, ‘Man on a ledge’ is a supposed thriller based that revolves around the protagonist who is out to clear his name of felony charges.

The lead character is Nick Cassidy enacted by Sam ‘Avatar’ Worthington. Nick is an ex-cop falsely implicated in a crime that involved the theft of a diamond worth 40 million dollars. He escapes from prison and checks into a hotel. He then stands on the ledge of the hotel room 22 stories high, threatening to jump. The situation is apt for the entrance of Elizabeth Banks who plays a psychologist cop and tries to prevent him from jumping. However, this act of a ‘retrial’ by Nick is just a ruse to divert the attention of the police from a heist that is being conducted in the nearby building by his brother, Jamie Bell and other accomplices. The plot thus unravels as it twists and turns between the new heist, flashbacks to the former robbery where Nick was double crossed by Ed Harris, the negotiation by Banks, and the activities of the police and the main villain.

One can safely say that the movie is a mish-mash between the Italian Job and the Negotiator. Only in this case, instead of a hostage situation, there is a jumper.

Asger Leth is a first time movie director. However, he has directed a few documentaries and has done television. His last documentary was called ‘Ghosts of Cité Soleil’ and released in the year 2006. Amy Adams was originally considered for the role that eventually went to Elizabeth Banks. Ed Harris is the only heavyweight in this movie.

The movie is based in New York City and shot there as well. Filming began on October 30 and the first image of the movie was revealed on November 2, 2010. The film is being distributed by E1 Entertainment in the UK and by Summit Entertainment in the United States.

This is the first time that Banks is playing a cop. She was very excited to be in an action movie that involved dealing with heights. Even though she does not suffer from vertigo, the idea of human error did give her a scare. She recounts, “I get to run around with a gun, and I got to go out on this ledge and do a truly terrifying stunt.”

Banks further adds that the movie makers wanted to give the audience a feel of vertigo, a sensation akin to that which one feels when standing on just 14 inches of concrete; 22 stories above Madison Avenue in New York City.

Banks further adds, “It’s like adding just a few inches to your shoe and that’s about it. There are the camera guys and the birds flying around. The only thing that’s holding the actors and other crew members high up in the air are shoestring-sized wires.”

The critics in the United States have panned the movie. The response of the movie goers is awaited.

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