Man Seeking Woman Recap: Sizzurup

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Man Seeking Woman Recap: Sizzurup
Jay Baruchel speaking at the 2014 WonderCon, for “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. April 19, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore.

Man Seeking Woman” Season 1 Episode 5 “Sizzurup” aired on Wednesday Feb. 11, 2015, at 10:30 p.m. on FXX. Josh has a new girlfriend, and she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

The episode opens at Mount Olympus, and there is a gathering of the gods. They’re waiting for someone who is apparently late. Minutes later, Cupid, a drunken party dude, arrives at the gates and realizes that the gathering is for his intervention. See, Cupid is an addict, and Zeus is pretty mad that his son is wasting his life. Worse, he’s been bringing love to the worst types of people. Whatever happened to helping the little guy and the ones who cannot get the girl? Family issues come to play, and the intervention ends up with Zeus and Cupid hugging. He agrees to go to this rehab center in Arizona so that he can correct his ways.

Before leaving, Cupid decides to hook up some loser with a really hot chick. He aims his bow and arrow in the sky, and it hits a gorgeous girl through the heart, and the first man she sees is Josh (Jay Baruchel) in the park.

The gorgeous girl is Whitney (guest star Minka Kelly), and Josh can’t believe his luck when she falls in love with him. His best friend Mike (Eric Andre) cannot believe it too. He’s the hottest chick he has ever seen. How did Josh pull it? He wants some of that. Josh is living the dream!

What follows next is Josh introducing his new girlfriend to literally everyone he knows. They all cannot believe his luck as well and now, he’s every loser’s inspiration. The last person Josh introduces Whitney to is his boss, who becomes smitten by her. Suddenly, Josh realizes something — guys are trying to charm his girlfriend all the time. He should watch out, or he could be replaced! So, he takes Whitney and runs away from every guy following them.

At the safety of his apartment, Whitney reasons that not all guys are interested in her, and Josh apologizes for getting jealous and paranoid.

There’s a buzz on the door. It’s Whitney’s friend, Tanaka, a Japanese penis monster, and he is there for a visit. He is this huge purple penis creature that Josh freaks out when he actually sees him. They spend the night drinking at his apartment, with Josh feeling awkward all through the night.

Whitney asks Josh to get more wine, which means he’d have to leave Whitney and Tanaka alone for a while. He calls up his sister and discloses his fears that Tanaka may want to have sex with his girlfriend. His sister rationalizes that women can have male friends too, so he doesn’t have any reason to be insecure.

He returns to his apartment to find Tanaka’s penis arms all over his girlfriend, and Whitney justifies that he’s only giving her a massage because she’s been really sore and tense lately. However, the penis monster makes him uncomfortable. Can she stop hanging out with him? Is he making Whitney choose between him and her friend? The couple argue, and for some reason Tanaka, with his penis arms, slaps him in the face.

Josh’s face has a plaster all over, after being bitch-slapped by Tanaka’s penis hand. Whitney apologizes to him and wonders what the real problem is. So, with a heavy heart, Josh breaks up with her. He cannot handle having a gorgeous, perfect girlfriend. She cries, and 10 seconds later, he realizes he has made a mistake and turns around to apologize to Whitney. But she declares she’s already engaged and introduces Roger, a British shipping guy. How did this happen? They broke up only 10 seconds ago?

Josh is back to his apartment with Tanaka, wallowing in his heart break. He clarifies to the penis monster that he was really hitting on Whitney, that he was not imagining this, right? Tanaka ejaculates on him.

Meanwhile, Cupid bids his parents goodbye to check into rehab. But after two days, he leaves the same rehab for undisclosed reasons. He overdosed and died on Feb. 14, 2015.

That’s another the recap for “Man Seeking Woman” Season 1 Episode 5 “Sizzurup,” which aired on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015, at 10:30 p.m. on FXX. Keep following Movie News Guide (MNG) for more of the craziness.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore



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