Man Down: Shia LaBeouf’s New Movie Got A Cold Reception In The U.K. Selling Only One Ticket

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Man Down: Shia LaBeouf’s New Movie Got A Cold Reception In The U.K. Selling Only One Ticket
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It seems Shia LaBeouf’s antics are more famous that his movies after Man Down sold only one ticket in the UK. The popularity of the founder of the “He will not divide us” movement has slowly deteriorated over the years, something highlighted by this recent development.

LaBeouf’s new flick is getting all the attention, for all the wrong reasons. The film quietly released in last December and would have been forgotten if not for its UK release that made headlines in entertainment news.
Cold does not even begin to describe the reception that the film got from the British public. With only a single ticket sold, the film’s UK release is all but a certified flop.

According to Movieweb, Man Down premiered in the UK this past weekend and was met with, well one person. The drama earned a whopping seven pounds, the price of a single movie ticket.

Man Down

Shia LaBeouf Film Man Down Plot

The film centers on the life of a retired Marine with family issues. Over the course of the film, audiences delve deeper into the conflict within LaBeouf’s character as he undergoes a mental breakdown.

The film was released on December 2, 2016, and a measly $450,000 in the United States. Critics slammed the film stating that even when the audience knew the ending beforehand, the film still managed to screw it up.
However, the criticisms and the poor performance did not draw much attention. It seems that the film was on its way to being confined to the back pages of Hollywood history.

However, despite the negative reception it received in the United States, the film was released in the UK. This, in turn, made headlines after it was revealed that only one person bought a ticket to see the movie.

The identity of the person, as well as the reason behind his choice to view the film, has not been revealed. The premiere was only held in a single theater which could have contributed to the dismal earnings.

The film was also released via video-on-demand. The details regarding the proceeds from the VODs are yet to be released but are probably better than those from the “lucky” theater.

Considering that biographical war films are all the rage in recent years, one can wonder why the film flopped so spectacularly. Critics pointed to the film’s inconsistency as the main reason that eventually led to its downfall.

Still, that doesn’t absolve LaBeouf of his role in the film’s disappointing performance. The actor seems to be much more interested in his role as an activist, artist, and provocateur rather his waning acting career.

Shia LaBeouf Is A Trump Critic

His latest “art” project “He will not divide us” has also been made headlines, not for its but rather than the reactions it received. LaBeouf started the project shortly after US President Donald Trump was elected.

This did not sit well with many in the alt-right movement. The antics pulled by the users of the online image board 4chan, particularly from those of the politically incorrect, to disrupt his project also brought attention to LaBeouf.

Anonymous users from 4chan used ridiculous means to take down the actor’s installations wherever he put them. The actor’s often violent reactions sometimes lead to his arrests.

The flop of Man Down did not seem to faze him at all. If only he placed just as much effort on his films as his art projects, then maybe his films would be able to turn a profit.

Shia LaBeouf has been the butt of many jokes about the film industry. Sure he still has millions left from his brief moments of fame but with the road, he’s traveling he could be losing it in the near future. Maybe he can have a promising career as a modern artist. For his sake at least, fans hope that he does.

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