Man of Steel 2: Daisy Ridley As Supergirl In Henry Cavill Starrer

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Man of Steel 2: Daisy Ridley As Supergirl In Henry Cavill Starrer
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Man of Steel 2 is currently being planned in the DCEU. With Henry reprising his role as Superman, an update states that Supergirl too will be in it. With the other Kryptonian included in the movie, makers will need an actress suitable for the role.

Considering the current talent that Hollywood has, Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley could be perfect for the role. With her story as significant as her cousin, here are reasons why she would look good in the character.

Strong female character

Daisy’s shot to fame was with a Star Wars movie. She played the role of Rey who happens to be a very powerful female character. Keeping in line with Rey, if Daisy were to play Kara in DCEU, she would have an opportunity to play another strong female character.

With Wonder Woman bringing a female superhero movie this year, introducing Daisy, as another female superhero will be a step forward.

Origin story

While the main focus would be on Superman, having Daisy’s version of Supergirl in the movie would give an opportunity to explore her origin. Superman could travel to outer space looking for remnants of Krypton and that is when he could come across Kara.

Following her introduction, the movie could partly look into knowing more about her and weave her perfectly in the movie.

Expanding Superman-verse

If folks at DC are looking to expand Superman’s universe, then introducing Supergirl would be the first step toward it. There are a lot of characters in the Superman-verse and Kara happens to be an important part of it.

Back in the comics, there have been multiple instances when Kal and Kara have worked together. By introducing Kara in the movie, fans will finally get to see the two cousins working together and Kal will never be alone.

Potential sequels/spin-off

If Supergirl gets introduced in the Man of Steel sequel, there would be a chance for the character to be a part of potential sequels as well. Also since the character has her own storyline neatly separated from Superman, she could get a spin-off too.

DC lately has announced multiple spin-off movies like Black Adam, Nightwing, Deadshot and many others. Keeping in mind this Supergirl could become one such movie in DCEU in near future.

Heroic Hollywood reported a major rumor that Supergirl, Brainiac and Bizarro will be a part of Man of Steel 2. According to the outlet Brainiac will try to retrieve the genetic codex from Kara, Krypton’s other survivor.

In Man of Steel, General Zod was after it and it is being said that Man of Steel 2 will end up introducing Superman’s cousin. It remains to be seen if Daisy gets cast in the role or not.

Man of Steel 2 does not have a release date yet.


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