Man of Steel 2: Five Moments When Superman Did Not Act Like A Good Guy

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Man of Steel 2: Five Moments When Superman Did Not Act Like A Good Guy
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Man of Steel 2 is currently being written. It will be Henry Cavill’s Superman’s second solo movie. While Superman, for the most part, has been the good guy, there have been moments when he did not act so super.

Considering decades-old events from the comics where Kal-El misbehaved, here are five moments when the Man of Steel was a little bit of a jerk.

Abandoned his savior

There was a time in comics when Superman was in real trouble. In the comic book All-Star Superman, he was trapped in Bizarro world when he enlisted the help of Zibarro to help him get out of the situation.

Zibarro was a normal individual, which would make him an outcast in Bizarro world. Superman noticed that Zibarro was fully aware of what emotions are and how much he loved poetry.

Looking at his condition, Superman promised to help him come out of the world that hated him. However, it seemed that Kal-El completely forgot about the man who helped him and there was no mention of him doing anything to help his savior.

While chances are he could have been working quietly to help Zibarro, the comic book does give a feeling that Superman went back on his word.

Punched Darkseid mercilessly

In normal cases, Superman has always shown restraint and has been more of a hero than someone who dispenses justice. However, when a resurrected Darkseid faced him, Superman got so enraged that he decided to show just how powerful he really is.

He punched the Lord of Apokolips so hard that he went flying and crashing into skyscrapers. While he did protect civilians from Darkseid, it was somewhat unusual of Kal-El to behave that way.

Killed the Joker

Screen Rant reported a rather evil moment when Superman went over the edge and killed Batman’s arch nemesis. According to the outlet, when the Joker killed a pregnant Lois, Superman gave into his anger and brutally murdered the maniac.

Following this, he decided to use his power to conquer the world. Whoever stood against him was killed. Eventually, Superman from Earth-Prime showed up and jailed his evil counterpart.

The outlet also stated that this event proved it would only take Superman one incident to send him over the edge.

Confused Lois Lane

There have been moments when Superman has managed to keep his identity a secret. However, when Lois did spot Kal-El changing his civilian clothes to his uniform, he chose to take a different path.

He enlisted Batman’s help to confuse Lois and switched places with the Dark Knight so there were moments when Batman would carefully create moments which would make everyone believe that he is actually Superman.

So when it came to punching cars or flying, Wayne’s technology and genius mind helped a lot.

This also helped especially because Kal-El and Superman were presented as two different guys when in reality it was Batman posing as the latter. This confused Lois way too much and Superman got to keep his identity safe.

Let a man die by chemical weapon

Fans in the past have complained that DCEU has made its heroes and movies too dark. However, there is one comic that could perhaps set a benchmark for darkness among heroes.

In Superman#2, DC decided to go so dark that it might even surprise some fans. Superman was chasing Professor Runyan, who was a chemical weapons manufacturer.

When the professor decided he would take down Superman with him and released a chemical weapon, Superman decided to not do anything. Since the weapon did not harm Superman at all, he simply let the professor die and scream in agony right in front of his eyes.

Contrary to how Superman would behave, this was something that took many by surprise. This moment makes the whole General Zod’s death in Man of Steel look like a fairytale. It remains to be seen if there are any more dark moments included in Man of Steel 2 or not.

Man of Steel 2 does not have a release date yet.


Photo source: Facebook/Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


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