‘Man of Steel 2’: The Movie Has Been Put on Permanent Hold by Warner Bros Because of Ben Affleck’s Batman

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Man of Steel 2’: The Movie Has Been Put on Permanent Hold by Warner Bros Because of Ben Affleck’s Batman

Seems like the Batman has already won the battle, as recent updates about a potential sequel to “Man of Steel” might not please everyone. Contrary to what Warner Bros said last October about making more Superman and Batman movies might only be the half-truth as sequel to the “Man of Steel” might not even be in the making. Read on for more details.

According to Cinema Blend, despite last week’s rumors about “Mad Max: Fury Road” director George Miller meeting Warner Bros to direct a DC movie in future, it seems that the chances of watching this supposed future DC movie might be very thin.

It is being said that the chances are minimal because it will ultimately depend on Miller as to what story interests him and where he thinks the DC movie should go to. One source also mentioned that the sequel that was supposedly going to be made by WB might just be put on a permanent hold.

It seems more like Superman is left with no choice but to team up with other superheroes, from the “Justice League. Then, perhaps get a movie of his own if there’s any change in plans at Warner Bros. The media outlet also compared Superman’s plight to Marvel’s Hulk who does not seem to be getting a solo movie of his own after previous attempts.

Quite honestly in Superman’s case, the writers will have to find an equally intriguing story and depict how exactly and in which way will the Man of Steel go since he is already teaming up with his future “Justice League” teammates in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Then, he will be leading the “Justice League” against an apocalyptic threat that could come in the form of either Darkseid or Brainiac, whichever gets to star in the “Justice League” movie. After dealing with all of this, perhaps then Superman will finally have some room to focus on his own story.

Another source mentioned that WB is already in favor of the Batman played by Ben Affleck instead of the Man of Steel. They are so impressed by his performance that he could very well get his own solo movie series. This is being stated as the reason why WB has either delayed the “Man of Steel” sequel or just put it on hold for the time being.

Games Radar also reported that a “Man of Steel” sequel is not really on the studio’s priority list as of now. It remains to be seen whether Superman will get his solo adventure or will he just step up as the leader of the “Justice League” and take the team towards box office glory.

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