Man of Steel 2: Rumor Suggests Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Is The Main Villain

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Man of Steel 2: Rumor Suggests Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Is The Main Villain
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Man of Steel 2 is currently underway. Since last year, rumors have been rife about who the villain could be and what the fans can expect. However, the most recent rumor might just have revealed the main villain of the solo movie.

Dwayne Johnson has been signed on to star as Black Adam in DCEU. He is getting his own solo movie and has been rumored to appear as the main villain in Shazam.

Since there are no updates about Shazam, rumors are now saying that instead of that movie, he could show up as the main villain in Man of Steel 2. This might come as a surprise to many as there are many other deserving Superman villains who can be the main villain.

But the rumor is stating a valid reason, which only makes everyone ponder if there is any truth to it or not.

Black Adam as the main villain

Screen Rant reported that a Reddit user is claiming to have inside information from the DC creative team. According to this user’s post, Johnson’s Black Adam has been chosen as the main villain of the Henry Cavill starrer movie.

The post also claims that after DC toyed with the idea of giving Black Adam a small appearance in Man of Steel 2, they thought it would be better to give him a much bigger role.

Shazam movie off the table

The post also claims that DC has taken Shazam off the table at this point, however, Billy Batson/Shazam will show up in DCEU at some point later on. So if Shazam has been taken off the table, Black Adam will have room to be the main villain of the Superman movie.

While Black Adam has been known mainly as an enemy of Shazam, he has clashed with Superman numerous times in the comics. If the rumor holds any truth, fans could see Superman and Black Adam clashing on-screen.

Matthew Vaughn in line to direct

Apart from informing that Black Adam is being eyed as the main villain, the user’s post also claims that Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn is still in talks to direct Man of Steel 2.

While no decision has been reached yet, the studio is looking at other filmmakers to possibly pressure Vaughn into making a decision.

Contradictory report

The outlet stated that since the rumor comes from an unconfirmed source, fans are encouraged not to believe it. It also mentioned that this rumor is contradicting the report that stated Shazam is right on track.

Just a few months back, it was reported that Lights Out director David F. Sandberg is being considered to direct Shazam, which was met with encouraging response from fans.

However, with this report clearly going against the Shazam report, fans’ response to the latest rumor has been negative. Many fans have called this rumor inaccurate on social media and still believe Brainiac will be the main villain.

Cashing in on Johnson’s star power

If DC is really considering making Black Adam as the main villain of Man of Steel 2, they might be planning on cashing in on Johnson’s star power. In the last few years, Johnson has been known as a bankable star who has been capable of pulling franchisees to success.

Having Dwayne Johnson in DCEU and not using him till now might have led executives in DC to quickly utilize him in a DC movie before he gets his own solo movie.

Also with Johnson’s Instagram post with Cavill last year hinted that their characters could be meeting soon in DCEU, a potential encounter between Superman and Black Adam could be in store in near future. It remains to be seen who gets chosen as the main villain of Man of Steel 2.

Man of Steel 2 does not have a release date yet.


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