‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel To Be Directed By George Miller?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel To Be Directed By George Miller?
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A couple of weeks back, speculations began to swirl that George Miller is coming up with “Man Of Steel 2” as his new directorial venture. The tide of excitement and assumptions were flowing overtly on the Internet as fans started wailing and screaming for it to happen.

But unfortunately while conversing with Digital Spy, Miller reveals a different story. The Australian director clearly swipes away the rumors and stated that the sequel of “Man Of Steel” is not his board now. Miller has his new cinematic harvest “Mad Max: Fury Road” and during the promotional approach, he has admitted the heart-breaking truth. This particular interview reveals he has invested almost two decades for “Mad Max” and so hopes to opting a less detailed canvas as his next directorial oeuvre. His next approach may not comprise any sort of graphics and surplus stunts.

The Academy Award Winner disclosed that he has held discussion with Warner Bros. about ministering a DC movie. He goes on explaining how the rumour may plant its seed as the “Happy Feet” director proposed a “Justice League” movie back in 2009 but the initiation did not flourish to fulfillment. He did not put onus on Warner Bros. for the unfinished venture, rather points out that it was the failure of Australian Government who could not provide rebates for the film.

According to Miller, he shares interest on the superhero genre as the stories and realm that the characters perceive somehow relates with Greek and Roman mythology, in some cases. Interestingly, Miller has acknowledged Zack Snyder’s directorial work in “Man of Steel”, though we wonder how.

Whatever the case might be, fans are waiting to witness the next installment of the “Man of Steel” franchise, the movie a few years ago which was scrapped because of a writer’s strike and fans are keen to see what he’d bring to a superhero property.

Photo Source: Facebook/Man Of Steel

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