‘Man of Steel’ Sequel: Movie Has Not Been Put On Hold As Plot And Details Revealed

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Man of Steel’ Sequel: Movie Has Not Been Put On Hold As Plot And Details Revealed

For all those who thought the “Man of Steel” sequel has been put on hold because Warner Bros. are favoring the Dark Knight more, might be wrong. Superman always has been an integral part of the DC Extended Universe and recently revealed details about “Man of Steel” sequel proves just that.

According to Heroic Hollywood, “Man of Steel” sequel has not been put on permanent hold as it has been rumored and that there are chances of George Miller directing “Man of Steel” sequel. It should be noted that the movie will start shooting in the next 4-5 years, which is somewhere around 2019/2020, as the two-parter “Justice League” will begin pre-production soon (read next year).

About who could lead the negative side in “Man of Steel” sequel, it is being hinted that Brainiac will be making his cinematic debut and will look forward to creating more trouble for his fellow kryptonian. The super villain’s motives were also revealed and it seems that he will be after the same thing as General Zod was. For everyone who is aware, Superman had the genetic codex of the entire Kryptonian race with him hence Zod was so hell bent on getting that.

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In this case, it is being believed that Brainiac will also try to retrieve the codex but not from the Man of Steel but from another kryptonian. If reports are to be believed then it would be Supergirl who Brainiac is concerned with. There was this prequel comic that released before “Man of Steel” and that comic narrated Kara aka Supergirl’s story. She was going to become a member of the “Explorer’s Guild” where certain kryptonians would be given the responsibility to find habitable planets for other kryptonians and themselves.

In order to show this, “Man of Steel” sequel will have to introduce Supergirl first and then get Superman involved in it and finally put someone responsible to retrieve that codex from both the super kryptonians. Rumors are suggesting that it would be Bizarro who will do the dirty job for Brainiac once the latter creates him for the same.

Slash Film reported that Warner Bros. does not know as of now how and where do they want to put the “Man of Steel” sequel in the DCEU, but Superman just like Batman will always have more than significant screen time in the coming movies.

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